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Are the Pacers Unstoppable and Championship Bound?

The Indiana Pacers were on the rise last year and it looks as if they’ve reached the top this year, having an undefeated record of 8-0. No teams have been able to stop the Pacers. Let’s look at why this team is so dominant and what could lead them to their next championship.

Roy Hibbert is one of the first names to come to mind when talking about “big men” in the NBA. Hibbert earned his outstanding reputation 2 years ago when the Pacers met the Miami Heat in the playoffs. Ever since then, Hibbert is on the top with Dwight Howard in the talk of “big men.” It’s safe to say Howard will be going down as one of the best centers of all time but it looks like Hibbert may be above or right behind him by the end of his career. Roy Hibbert is FEARLESS, creating blocked shots, pulling in rebounds, and most of all, leading his team in the post.

A rising superstar, Paul George. George earned his reputation last year in the conference finals against the Miami Heat team, once again. The face of the franchise, Danny Granger was hurt so Paul George became fearless for his team and with the help of Roy Hibbert, led them to an intense Game 7. George is very underrated but, just like Hibbert, is rising to the top and has no plans to stop trying, hence this 8-0 record. Paul George has become one of the best league performers in the game today.

Head coach, Frank Vogel is no one to look over as he has coached this team through day in and day out knowing what the team needs to work on each and every day. Vogel is an amazing clutch coach as he can make outstanding plays towards the end of the game when they need him the most. Vogel is among the league’s top coaches for his great consistency and his knowledge about the game of basketball.

It is unsure to say when Danny Granger will be back but once he is, this team may be on their way to the championship but then again, who is to say that they aren’t already with the extreme talent they have now? This team is hard to beat as they are amongst the top physical teams in the league being very fearless in what they do. Granger has not started practicing yet but according to Frank Vogel, “He will practice.”

Everyone should watch out for this team because they aren’t anything to overlook this year as they have been in the past.


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