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The Epidemic of Flopping In The NBA

Flopping in the NBA is becoming a raging issue. It is going to get to the point in which it will take over the game and become one of the most debated topics in the sports world; if it hasn’t already done that.

I like the strides the NBA is taking to counteract it, however. That said, these players are making MASSIVE money – $5,000 is nothing to these athletes. Yes, the fines get steeper but still, $10,000, $15,000? Maybe to a guy on a veteran’s minimum deal it would be a little more costly. However, if you’re on a contract such as that, there is a good solid chance that you’ve made your money. If I was David Stern or Adam Silver now, I would look into implementing a flopping foul. Whether it be on offense to draw free throws or on defense for a charge call. Kevin Martin and J.R. Smith are the worst guys in the league for trying to draw free throws. Every time I see Martin drive to the basket, his head moves around more than a wacky inflatable tube man you see outside car dealerships or on Family Guy.

Last year in the playoffs there was a lot of flopping. Eight players were fined to be exact. Lebron James says there is a statistical advantage to flopping.  But how?  Is it an advantage if you don’t get the call?  You look like an idiot that’s for sure. To my knowledge when you’re on the ground and your opponents are running to the ball and playing actual defense you’re at a disadvantage.

I believe the league  should implement a much stiffer penalty system. It could perhaps be modeled it after the NCAA, where you can suspend per quarter. As an example, the new system could work like this: For the first offense $15,000 fine, second offense $30,000 fine and two-quarter suspension, third $50,000 fine and one-game suspension, and so on. Every offense after that, raise the fine $15,000 and 2 games. Ideally I wish flopping could be taken out of the game entirely, perhaps stiffer penalties would help curb it.

Another rule we can implement is to start calling personal fouls on people who flop. This foul should be a shooting foul. No matter if the other team is the penalty or not. I think this rule above all things listed, would have the biggest impact on the players and how they play defence. Flopping can not be taken out of the game all-together but it can be restricted, and that’s all the league needs.

With basketball being such a high speed sport, its tough to tell when a guy is flopping and when he’s not. These refs have a tough job, I’ll be the first to admit that. But they also have a huge control over the game, and it is their job to make the call that they deem appropriate. We all know it’s unrealistic to completely take flopping  out of the game of basketball because it’s pretty much embedded in the game. So long as charging is a foul, which it should be, you will have some form of embellishment.  Nevertheless, we can restrict it.


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