The FAT and Skinny Post: Something for my Cardiologist

This Explains A Lot….

 “New study shows that ‘losing’ NFL teams have fans that are more likely to get fat.”  Certainly this is something to show my cardiologist.


A study just released from the academic journal Psychological Science found that fans of losing teams consume more calories after games than fans of teams that win games.

Fat and Skinny PostFrom the INSEAD Business School, who conducted the study….

The study analyzed food consumption in NFL cities the day after games (thank God I wasn’t part of the sample). They found that the day after a loss, fans tend to gorge themselves much more than fans of winning teams.

The study is labeled:

“From Fan to Fat? Vicarious Losing Increases Unhealthy Eating”

As they put it:

“One day after a defeat, Americans eat 16 percent more saturated fat, and 10 percent more calories. But on the day after a victory of their favorite team, then it’s the opposite. They eat more healthily. They eat 9 percent less saturated fat, and 5 percent fewer calories. There was no effect in cities without a team or with a team that didn’t play.”

The study apparently holds true for French soccer fans of losing teams too. I don’t get that! The French soccer types drink copius amounts of good vino and have the whole Mediterranean paradox thing going with their diets yada, yada.

By the way, does wine around the BBQ equate to a serving of fruit? Anyways, here’s the link to the actual study.

At the very least, read it on the crapper when you’re taking the “Browns to the Superbowl.” I recognize there is serious irony in there somewhere.

Would you assume it might be the same for other sports? Football and soccer fans have fewer games, but more meaningful games every weekend. And if that WERE true, Jays fans would be ironing their pants on the driveway for the past decade.

And of course, in the NFL, the pre-game festivities and excessive food and bev is exceedingly more important than the actual “bum in the seat”!

So what, double down!

Hint: If you’re a fan of the Raiders, Browns, Bills, Jaguars etc., take your antacids and Pepto for post-game (the wallowing in your own piss part of gameday), and then try and research a variety of garden-type-salads for Tuesday. Make up for it! And good luck!

I’m just thinking! In light of the recent lawsuits and ambulance chasing, can I hold the Bills + several butchers + several local grocers joint and severely negligent for my portly figure? Going to have to think this one out!

I am also wondering if we could justify a follow-up study. It would analyze “the eating habits of men of losing teams, compounded by the weekly hounding from a bitchy spouse for watching too much football, dirty living rooms, or being away from home too much on Sunday?” I believe as an addendum to the original study, we could persuade these academia-types who conducted this study to add:

1. Hypertension, 2. Bleeding ulcers, 3. High blood pressure 4. Elevated habitual tobacco and alcohol use for me, ummm, for….sorry for those types of fans.

Who wants in on that study?

Maybe we can get our own research grant, and take a year off work and family life, and just attend (Raider type) games, and eat excessively, and drink excessively, and do it before and after games, and go on the road from town to town in an expensive RV, with a full kitchen and smoker and grocery sponsors and, and………….never mind!

So, without further adieu, in the spirit of this fine analysis, and complete with thick-(headed) irony, I present to you the following GUT BUSTING recipe.


Enjoy the church of football this week.

Keep the drinks cold, the grill hot, and I’ll see you in the parking lot!

Gridiron Chef “Doc”

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