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Fort Erie Race Track Leaders

Two months into the Fort Erie Race Track meet, there are a couple of new faces on top of the leader boards in both the jockey and trainer standings.

On top of the jockey standings is a familiar name to racing in Ontario, Terry Husbands. After a big weekend last weekend, Terry passed Kirk Johnson to take a slim lead. Looks like the two are both on track (pardon the pun) for very successful years and best of luck to both along with the rest of the colony.

Trainer Gary Chudobiak is crushing them at the Fort right now as he has 13 wins so far this year. He is one of three relatively new young trainers that are on top in the trainers standing, with Shawn Rideout and Bi Raghunath tied for second with eight wins.

There are currently four horses that have three wins each at Fort Erie after two months. Two of them, Jeffrey Armin and Grace by Moonlight, are unbeaten. It’s very hard for a horse to win three in a row, and very few ever win four in a row, so I will be looking to bet against them in their next starts. The other horses with three wins are Big Brother Joe and La Gray Zuliana.

The last categories I want to talk about are the owners. These are the people putting their money up to pay for the horses and pay the trainers, who then have the money to pay for help.  Basically these owners are the ones who make the world of horse racing go round. Without these owners gambling their money on the possibility of their horse winning to pay the bills, there would be no horse racing, so I think it only appropriate to give a thank-you.

Leading owners at the meet so far are Dale Powell (trainer Chudobiak), CS Dowson Farms (Rideout), Jeanne Ryan (Dan Wills) and E&N Raghunath (Raghunath).

With the meet now a third of the way through, the leader boards are starting to take shape. We will keep a close eye on the standings to see if these people continue their winning ways. Is it time to jump on the Terry Husbands’ bandwagon and bet everything he rides? Will Chudobiak and Powell continue their impressive meet? These questions are what make this game of horse racing my favorite in the world.

….and that is the last word.


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