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College Football Playoff All But A Certainty For 2014

On June 26, the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee (I’m not sure what that is, either) will meet in Washington and presumably approve the new plan as required. The devil is in the details, nearly all of which remain to be worked out, but most college football fans will tell you that this is a good start. Finally, the national champion will be determined on a field rather than by coaches, athletic directors, media members, and computer programs.

According to, the most likely system includes four teams selected by a committee. Two semifinal games would be rotated among the existing BCS bowl games, with the host sites being determined before each season. The championship game would be awarded to the highest bidding city.

Several questions remain, to be answered over the coming months. Among them:

– Who will make up the committee selecting the Final Four?

– Will any of the existing polls continue to be used in selecting the Final Four?

– Exactly what criteria will be used in selecting the four teams?

– Will outdoor facilities in cold-weather cities be eligible to host the national championship?

– How exactly will revenue be divided among the schools/conferences?

– How will this effect the latest round of conference realignments?

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the answers and the information as we learn more, and the details are ironed out; but there is little doubt that this is at least one step in the right direction and great news for College Football fans.

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