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Edmonton wins the Draft Lottery

For the third straight year the Edmonton Oilers will have the first overall pick in the NHL Draft.

However, this year there is a twist; for the first time of the three years the Oilers didn’t finish last in the NHL.  Having had the second best shot at getting the first overall pick, the moved up and won the lottery.  The Oilers had the lottery balls fall their way, and now have the opportunity to draft Nail Yakupov, or a prospect of their choosing.

With all the wingers in the Edmonton system will they trade the pick?  Will they go with one of the two top defencemen in Murray or Dumba?

Here are our early picks:

5. Toronto Maple Leafs – Alex Galchenyuk or Mikhail Grigorenko

4. New York Islanders – Murray (likely n/a), Filip Forsberg or Matt Dumba

3. Montreal Canadiens – Mikhail Grigorenko unless Columbus takes him.  In that case Galchenyuk.

2. Columbus Blue Jackets – Ryan Murray or Mikhail Grigorenko

1. Edmonton Oilers – Nail Yakupov or Ryan Murray

Be sure to check out our Draft Profiles in our NHL Draft 2012 Headquarters.  Who will your team take?

….and that’s the last word.


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