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Ten Things We Learned In College, Week 13

The Famous Winged Helmet © by Andrew Morrell Photography

1. LSU is clearly the cream of the crop. That’s a good Arkansas team they played, and they put a beatdown on the Hawgs.

2. After a brief hiatus, the Michigan Wolverines are back!

3. More fodder for those saying the Big East should lose AQ status- #23 West Virginia is the only ranked team in the conference.

4. Georgia started 0-2 and hasn’t lost a game since. You still want Mark Richt fired, Dawg Nation?

5. Still curious to see which bowl game undefeated Houston ends up in.

6. What happened to Georgia Tech? They looked so good to start out.

7. I now understand the concept of the Clemson Collapse.

8. Urban Meyer to Ohio State? Wow, who could have see that coming?

9. Interesting to see where #8 Arkansas and #9 Oregon end up with regard to bowls. Arkansas lost to #1 LSU and #2 Alabama; Oregon lost to #1 LSU and a USC team that’s unranked in the BCS because of their bowl ineligibility but is #9 in the AP poll. Ahead of them are 12-0 Houston at #6 and 10-1 Boise State at #7, both from non-AQ conferences.

10. College football needs a playoff already!


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