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Best Hockey Pranks

Many hockey players love to play pranks on one another or even on their coaches. It is a mixture of being around each other for so many hours a day and being comfortable with one another. Here are some of the best tricks seen on a hockey ice… some in the NHL and some other pranks in other leagues.

1) This is a common one amongst good friends. When the teammate is not around, one could put clear poly-tape on the bottom of the skate blade. The player who steps on the ice will have no edge and no balance. This is always a clever trick before a practice or if said player has a special someone who is coming to watch them skate.

2) Another good prank is switching the jerseys around. One memorable moment is when (then Penguins player) Max Talbot put on Sidney Crosby’s jersey for practice in Toronto and then got swarmed by the media as everyone thought Talbot was actually Crosby.

3) While we are working with jerseys. Who can forget the moment when the Detroit Red Wings pulled a prank on Keith Primeau by adding a few letters to his last name.

4) Next is the water bottle trick. This usually happens at practice or during a game. Many players have it happen to them at least once in their career.  This is when one of the teammates loosens the bottle top and when the player goes to drink whatever is in the bottle the liquid goes everywhere. This example is when Dale Weise (now on the Montreal Canadiens) while he was sitting on the Rangers bench.

5) There is also a lace trick teammates have played. This is when one player cuts off the lace and reties it to the boot. When the player tries to tie his skates the lace will come off in his hand.

6) Shaving cream pie. This Cculd happen to anyone associated with the team at any time. Whether it is a coach trying to teach a practice or a player doing an interview. No matter who gets it and how it is always funny.

(Note Ovechkins face in this video as he is pulling off the prank)

7) During a game if players from another team are getting on your nerves. If they are about to lean on the boards where you are sitting how about just opening the handle a bit and watch them fall in.

8) As well when the player is in the shower and leaves their clothes hanging around you can hide their clothes…or tape it?

(skip to 3:47)

9) Finally one of the better pranks to get players is the one when the whole team gangs up on one player (usually the rookie). In a pregame warm up let one player go out on to the ice and circle a few laps before the rest of the team follows. Always a good laugh. It has happened to a good number of players including Habs Nathan Beaulieu and Tampa Bay Lightnings Steven Stamkos.

10) Our featured picture is Keith Ballard in a hockey bag. We’ll let Pass it to Bulis explain this one, its a hilarious story.

Hope you enjoyed some good laughs. Happy April Fools day.


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