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NHL Draft Combine 2013: Heights and Weights

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I’ve had many people ask about heights and weights of players in the NHL Draft.

The official team released numbers by the prospects current clubs are often inaccurate.  But I’ve managed to get the info from the recent NHL Combine.  So here you guys go, a handy resource of accurate NHL draft prospect heights and weights.  These are not complete and as of now Unofficial. I am working to see if I can get a copy of the official results as I did last year, and will update this if I do.

Arnesson, Linus: Height 6’1.5″

Bailey, Justin: Height 6’3.5″  Weight 184.6 lbs

Baptiste, Nick: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 189.2 lbs

Barkov, Aleksander: Height 6’2.5″ Weight 207.5 lbs,

Bell, Myles: Height 6’1″

Bigras, Chris: Height 6’0.75″

Bjorkstrand, Oliver: Height 5’11.5″ Weight 166.3 lbs,

Buchnevich, Pavel: Height 6’1.5″ Weight 176.7 lbs

Burakovsky, Andre: Height 6’2.25″

Carrier, William: Height 6’1″ 192 lbs

Compher, JT: Height 5’11” 177 lbs

Comrie, Eric: Height 6’0.5″ 172 lbs

Coulombe, Alexandre: Height 6’3.25″

Crus-Ryberg, Victor: Height 6’0″

Dano, Marko: Height 5’11.75″

Dauphin, Laurent: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 161.7 lbs

de LaRose, Jacob: Height 6’2.5″

Desrosiers, Philippe: Height 6’1″

Diaby, Jonathan-Ismael: Height 6’4″

Dickinson, Jason: Height 6’1.5″ 181.7 lbs

Domi, Max: Height 5’9.5″ Weight 190.7 lbs,

Drouin, Jonathan: 5’11”  Weight 187 lbs,

Duclair, Anthony: 5’11” Weight 174.9 lbs

Dunn, Vincent: Height 5’11”

Elie, Remi: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 200.6 lbs

Erne, Adam: Height 6’1″ Weight 203.9 lbs
Note: There seems to be some dispute concerning Erne’s numbers.  We believe these numbers are close, but cannot be certain on the exact measurements.  His numbers are disputed by a few of our sources.

Etchegary, Kurt: Height 5’10”

Fasching, Hudson: Height 6’2.5″, Weight 209 lbs

Fitzgerald, Ryan: Height 5’9.5″, Weight 170.1 lbs

Florentino, Anthony: Height 6’0.5″,

Fucale, Zach: Height 6’1.5″ Weight 177.5 lbs

Gauthier, Frederik: Height 6’4.5″, Weight 215lbs

Geertson, Mason: Height 6’3.75″

Gregoire, Jeremy: Height 6’0″

Hagg, Robert: Height 6’2″

Hartman, Ryan: Height 5’11.5″ Weight 185.5 lbs

Hayden, John: Height 6’3″ Weight 207 lbs

Heatherington, Dillon: Height 6’2.75

Horvat, Bo: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 211 lbs,

Hurley, Connor: Height 6’1.5″ Weight 174 lbs

Jarry, Tristan: Height 6’0.5″, Weight 181.9 lbs

Jensen, Spenser: Height 6’4.25″

Jones, Seth: Height 6’4″

Klimchuk, Morgan: Height 5’11.5″ Weight 175.6 lbs

Kivihalme, Teemu: Height 5’11.5″

Kostalak, Jan: Height 6’1″

Kujawinski, Ryan: Height 6’2″ Weight 200.4 lbs

Labbe, Dylan: Height 6’0.75″

Laplante, Yan – Pavel: Height 6’0″, Weight 178.9 lbs

Lazar, Curtis: Height 6’0″, Weight 191.2 lbs,

Lehkonen, Artturi: Height 5’11”

Lindholm, Elias: Height 6’0.5″

Lodge, James: Height 6’0.5″, 162.1 lbs

Martin, Spencer: Height 6’2.5″ 191.6 lbs

MacKinnon, Nathan: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 190.3 lbs,

Malone, Sean: Height 5’11.5″ Weight 185.2 lbs,

Mantha, Anthony: Height 6’3.5″ Weight 197.8 lbs

McAdam, Eamon: Height 6’2.5″ 187.7 lbs

McCarron, Michael: Height 6’5.5″, Weight 234.5 lbs

Monahan, Sean: Height 6’2.5″ Weight 188.8 lbs,

Morin, Samuel: Height 6’6.25″

Morrissey, Josh: Height 5’11.75″

Moutrey, Nick: Height 6’2.5″

Mueller, Mirco: Height 6’4.5″

Nastasiuk, Zach: Height 6’1.5″ Weight 188.8 lbs

Nichushkin, Valeri: Height 6’4″ Weight 205 lbs,

Paquin-Boudreau, Gabryel: Height 5’11”

Peterson, Avery: Height 6’2″

Peterson, Calvin: Height 6’2″ 176.6 lbs

Petan, Nicolas: Height 5’8.5″ Weight 163.7 lbs

Poirier, Emile: Height 6’1.5″

Pope, David: Height 6’3″

Pulock, Ryan: 6’1.25″

Ristolainen, Rasmus: Height 6’4″

Roy, Marc-Oliver: Height 6’0″ Weight 168.5 lbs

Rychel, Kerby: Height 6’1″ Weight 198.7 lbs

Sanford, Zachary: Height 6’4″ Weight 183.7 lbs

Saros, Juuse: Height 5’10”

Santini, Steven: Height 6’1.5″

Shinkaruk, Hunter: Height 5’10.5″ Weight 172.5 lbs,

Sorenson, Nick: Height 6’1″ Weight 176.4 lbs

Stanton, Ty: Height 6’5″

Subban, Jordan: Height 5’8.25″

Tambellini, Adam: Height 6’2.5″ 167 lbs

Theodore, Shea: Height 6’2″:

Wennberg, Alex: Height 6’1.5″

Yakimov, Bogdan: Height 6’4″

Zadarov, Nikita: Height 6’6″

Zykov, Valentin: Height 6’0.5″ Weight 206.4 lbs


Remember that there are Scouting Reports of these players available here 2013 Draft Articles, with a new one every day.


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