5 Classic Tennis Matches You Can Watch on Your Smartphone

Classic Tennis Matches

Although less popular than football in some parts of the world, tennis is one of the leading sports people watch on their PCs and handheld devices. The world’s leading individual sport gives us access to amazing tournaments where we can watch the best players in action.

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While we’re on the topic of tennis matches, besides watching them in real-time, you can also use your smartphone and go through the most classic tennis events. There are a couple of tennis clashes that every fan should watch, so let’s go through them.

Classic Tennis Matches You Can Watch on Your Smartphone

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon, 2008

Every tennis fan knows that Federer and Nadal will go down in history as the biggest tennis superstars. The two living legends have had the chance to play numerous times against each other. Even though every match between them is a joy to watch, the 2008 Wimbledon final definitely stands out.

Following an epic battle that had 5 sets and 5 hours of play, Nadal won the match. Before this match, Wimbledon belonged to Federer because the Swiss Maestro won it 5 times in a row. In fact, his last victory against Nadal was in 2007.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in 2012, Australian Open

2012 was the year when Djokovic began dominating tennis and became the best player in the world. Of course, this wasn’t easy, and the final of the 2012 Australian Open between him and Nadal proved it.

After the longest final at a Grand Slam (almost 6 hours), Novak dealt with Nadal and lifted the trophy. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the match yet, use your smartphone to find the full clash, and you won’t regret your decision.

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer in 2019, Wimbledon Final

Even though the last few years weren’t good for the Swiss Maestro, Federer was always among the top tennis players. Consequently, people weren’t surprised he reached the Wimbledon Final in 2019, where he had to compete against Djokovic

While it’s true Federer did everything in his power to win, Novak was better and saved two match points. Ultimately, this was enough for him to win in the last big clash between the two tennis megastars.

Pete Sampras and Agassi – US Open Quarter Final in 2001

Another tennis match that you should watch on your smartphone is more than 22 years old. However, it included Pete Sampras and Agassi, the two big tennis superstars of the 90s. Besides the fact that both were incredible players, there was bad blood between them, which made the clash between them even more interesting to watch.

The two Americans met in the Quarter Finals of the US Open in 2001 and they allowed fans to watch an epic four-set battle. All of them had tie-breaks, but Sampras was better and won the match.

Federer vs Andy Roddick in 2009 – Wimbledon Final

The last tennis match that people should keep an eye on if they want to watch something interesting is the Wimbledon Final 2009 between Roddick and Federer. Although Federer had almost no competition around this period, Roddick’s unpredictability made this match very interesting to watch. He definitely had what it takes to surprise Federer, but he was unable to defeat the GOAT.

Main Image: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY