6 Nations testing now run by World Rugby anti-doping unit

World Rugby anti-doping unit

To align better with World Rugby anti-doping unit policy and sampling, the co-ordination of in and out-of-competition test planning during the 6 Nations is to be managed by the world governing body.

So this weekend, and across the tournament, tests will be administered, sampled, and tested under World Rugby (WR) direction; a media release on February 5.

The agreement builds on years of close cooperation between the organizations and World Rugby anti-doping unit in the planning and operation of competition testing programs. And furthers the independence of the testing process, in line with the latest WADA Code revisions.

6 Nations testing now run by World Rugby anti-doping unit

Even though 6 Nations [Six Nations] members already follow those guidelines and protocols, aligning within one organization will assist in reporting and proceeding with investigations. Not to say that any countries players might do so but, the anti-doping policies are in place to protect both individuals and to collect data.

In Dublin, the World Rugby anti-doping advisory committee met, with some of the industries leading doctors and scientists assisting in making the WR protocols world-leading.

Rugby is united in its commitment to all players’ right to participate on an even playing field in a clean sport. World Rugby will continue to regularly test all men’s and women’s elite international players out-of-competition, a program which accounts for 70 percent of its annual test numbers, as part of a wider intelligent, targeted and risk-based detection and deterrent program while delivering education across the sport.

Elite competitions such as the 6 Nations and the European Championship are both being contested under strict Covid conditions, with squads like the France Six Nations team limited to allowed squad members. So the World Rugby anti-doping unit testing performed during this time would mirror anything done during domestic competition.

All unions had been amalgamated in their stance, with World Rugby Anti-Doping General Manager Mike Earl calling the level of support from all the teams as “superb”.

Visit https://keeprugbyclean.worldrugby.org for further details on World Rugby’s Keep Rugby Clean program.


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