Toronto Wolfpack need to be patient on Super League’s decision

The future of Toronto Wolfpack will not be determined this week. The earliest timeframe for a decision on the Wolfpack will be next week.

Super League decides not to make a decision on Friday

It was first reported by Mick Gledhill. He is a broadcast journalist for West Yorks Radio, Pulse 1, Proper Sport, and the RFL.

A decision at the earliest could come next week. However, one Super League did say the decision could take place in early November.

This is a noticeably big decision for Super League. This decision will determine the future of rugby league in Canada’s most populous city. Furthermore, having an even number of 12 teams seems to be better than possibly having an odd number of 11 Super League teams.

However, Robert Elstone, chief executive of Super League, said this about having either 11 or 12 teams:

“We have to give that due consideration. We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last few weeks looking at the pros and cons of 11 and 12, and there are things in favour of both camps.”

Gledhill also revealed a process for a Championship or League One team to potentially get promoted to Super League. However, this idea is not set in stone even if the Wolfpack are not welcomed back into Super League.

Bob Hunter and Carlo LiVolsi confident about the Toronto Wolfpack

Bob Hunter, the chairman and CEO of the Toronto Wolfpack, is confident that the Wolfpack can return to Super League and start their season in 2021.

“We’re re-submitting on Friday,” Hunter told the PA news agency. “We don’t know the exact timing going forward but we’re hoping there will be a meeting next week in which Carlo LiVolsi will speak to the club owners and the executive and hopefully after that there will be a vote and we’ll know which way we’re going.”

Furthermore, Hunter has informed LiVolsi of the worst-case scenario. This is not playing any games at Lamport Stadium next year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems like there will be a decision made in the next few weeks. This would be a big decision that might have repercussions for the growth of rugby league in North America.

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