Tell Us – do you read the Rugby Papers?

Tell Us - do you read the Rugby Papers?

In these modern times, the good old Rugby Papers have appeared to become a second rate option. Compared to all the ‘rugby pods’ or independent websites available today, how does the average rugby reader actually consume content these days?

Here at Last Word on Rugby, we decided to ask you ‘what is your preferred option?’ To engage you, rather than to just assume so. To ask first, then to react to the comments and feedback we find; and then better provide what the reader wishes for.

Back in the 20th century, that might have been a supplement which the reader returned by mail [yes, remember the Postman]. Now you can click on this link to place your comments and feedback on the Last Word on Sports rugby department board.

Innovative yes. Maybe even a little overly creative – all in the terms nowadays where Coronavirus has diminished the rugby season to a bit of a side course. Here you go, we hope you are satisfied. It is still the game that observers cover, yet without some introspection, how do we know what the consumer wants, and how they prefer to digest it.

A direction where the rugby papers of old have become today’s fish n chip wrap.

So read on, as LWOR asks you what it is that you want now?

A Toulon fan reads her newspaper prior to kickoff during the European Rugby Champions Cup Final match at Twickenham Stadium on May 2, 2015. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Tell Us – do you read the Rugby Papers?

It’s not to say that the relaxation of reading rugby papers and magazines has disappeared. Open your city’s daily paper includes it, and news stories and features are written on the domestic competition. Rugby may not be the biggest sport in your town yet in a lot of countries, it still spreads from the front page of the Sports section, through to multiple pages.

Then again, even print media has migrated much of its content online today. And then include rugby writers who contribute to independent sites [like this] and the increasingly popular podcasts, to engage and communicate with fans.

A question for you: where, and on what media, do you read it?

What it is that you hope we can provide for today? And how can one department of a Mega online sports network, like Last Word on Sports, now provide for you?

Heavy topics, though with the feedback using this link, or by commenting lower down the page, now we want to ask you a series of questions so that our knowledge of what you prefer is up-to-date. Ever-changing needs mean your audience should determine content, as much as our valuable contributors.

Let us ask you what you want from LWOR?

  1. When was the last time you brought the rugby papers? a magazine or supplement (including Rugby World Cup)?
  2. Did you buy it for an article or to get it to update you on the latest news/domestic competition standings?
  3. How informed were you after reading the paper?

Now questions about how you digest rugby news now:

  1. Which website do you visit most often, for your rugby information?
  2. Which site do you visit to read features and interviews?
  3. How long do you stay on that site? do you ‘bounce’ between articles or just close the page?
  4. When did you see an advertisement or a link on that site, and click on that?

Some questions on the content you listen or watch:

  1. Have you listened to a podcast in the last week? How did you listen to that? Where?
  2. What content engages you most – player memories/stories, or analysis?
  3. Do you watch broadcast television shows live? or on-demand viewing sites?
  4. Have you subscribed to a YouTube channel for World Rugby, or a domestic competition?
  5. When did you last watch a postmatch program for rugby analysis?
  6. After a game, where do you go to find match analysis? In the rugby papers the next day/online, or in the daily news?

Finally, some questions on what you enjoy and who you might like to share that with:

  1. Is there enough content for yourself? Is anything missing?
  2. Does LWOR provide all that you wish from a website? What extra features could we offer?
  3. Would you recommend a rugby pod, a rugby website, or rugby papers to a friend?


In asking all these questions of you and asking for your feedback using this link, Last Word on Rugby would like to thank and to acknowledge the reader’s value. This site, alongside our parent network LWOS, is grateful for the input and continued support.

We are always happy to receive feedback and encourage you to do so below, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter.


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