Too early to Tell; Aussie Super Rugby sides recovery

Too early to Tell; Aussie Super Rugby sides recovery

Enjoying the results, and the quality of their rugby play, is it ‘too early to tell’ whether the Aussie Super Rugby sides recovery is proof of an Rugby World Cup revival?

Certainly too early – only two rounds into the 2019 Super Rugby season. But it has not stopped Aussie Super Rugby supporters, and those on the other side of the Tasman, from discussing how well several of the Australian conference teams have begun the season.

Winning will do that to you. Ask any sports fan. Win some games, and the joyous nature of a collective group of supporters will soon generate talk of success.

Be it success in the short term, or in the case of several Aussie Super Rugby team’s ultimate goals – a return to the ‘glory days’ of past.

Too early to Tell; Aussie Super Rugby sides recovery

Yes it is too early to tell, although if the conversation can buoy team’s aspirations in 2019, then the positive feel could spill onto the rugby union football field. The quality wins for the Melbourne Rebels in week one, the ACT Brumbies in week two, and in narrow wins and losses for the NSW Waratahs and Queensland Reds respectively, give their fans much hope.

Why not? There is little wrong with being positive. Especially when it is only weeks into an 18 Round format competition. So early, the type of victory is probably more pertinent than the overall importance. Overall to Aussie Super Rugby sides, but in the entirety of 2019.

Due to the ‘vicious circle’ which is the four yearly Rugby World Cup standings, outcomes so early will hold comparisons for only a short time. Winners now might be told that ‘they are peaking too early’. That they face sides with distractions, with plans that look ahead – so a team like the Brumbies or Rebels, are rightly ‘talked up’.

However, continue their winning record, and add bonus points like those sides have, and theĀ  feeling can swell. Build within the teams a positive message. Offer incentive to the coaching groups, on their systems. And to assist the hopes of fans, that it ‘might be their Year!’

Caution: Two weeks into Super Rugby 2019

No, it is too early. Fans are possibly too eager to drape the victors cloak onto their team’s shoulders. However, the real test is how sides fare after nine rounds of the competition. If Aussie Super Rugby sides are leading the standings at that stage, then many more will believe.

Today, even while the ACT Brumbies have the most ‘points for’ and that the Reds have fewer points against, than many of their moreĀ feared New Zealand conference teams. So is that proof?

Unproven more like. And in terms of the overall, then it is still untested. Sides must now travel or host sides placed higher than themselves. And even if they are not placed higher, then your opposition will have goals of defeating you – aimed squarely at reducing your place in the standings.

So even while Aussie Super Rugby fans are pleased now, they should be cautious. They do not yet know that their teams are assured. Assured of form, or with an assurance of their places. And placing well in Super Rugby is not about luck – it is down to habit.

To reach the top, you have to be successful. And winning, is down to a habit.

Aussie Super Rugby teams are not yet habitual winners.

It will take a lot more than a few wins, and few more good performances, before many more are convinced that Aussie teams are the real deal, in 2019.


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