Australian Sevens Already Making A Golden Impact

Aussie Gold
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Since the Australian Women’s Sevens team defeated New Zealand at the inaugural Olympic Rugby Sevenscompetition, the rugby community in Australia has been on a high. Despite World Cups and World Series in sports, many outsiders still view a Gold Medal as the pinnacle of sporting endeavour. As is so often the case, those not a part of sport will sit up and take more notice when Olympic Gold begins to shine. Australian Sevens impact is already being felt.

Australian Sevens Already Making A Golden Impact

Gold Medals a Corporate Dream

Rugby in Australia is often forced to play second fiddle to the more dominant codes of Rugby League and Australian Rules, when it comes to commercial deals. The Australian Wallabies generate the necessary sponsorship however, this is often not enough to trickle down to the grassroots.

With a large population and a separation between watching sport and active participation, there needs to be a a successful model to get fans ‘off the couch’. After the success of the women’s sevens team in Rio, now is the ideal time to engage the audience.