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2021 NFC North Breakdown by Position: The Defense

The LWOS NFL department will be breaking down every division in the league by position. This is the NFC North defense breakdown.

2021 NFC North Breakdown by Position: The Offense

Last Word On Sports NFL department will be breaking down every division in the league by position. This article is the NFC North offenses.

Chicago Bears backup quarterback still most popular guy in town

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields is the backup for now. But he’s shown that he should be ready when his time comes.

Chicago Bears: No Surprises Expected as Matt Nagy Sticks to His Plan

Matt Nagy has stuck to his plan for Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears heading Into Week 1 of the regular season.

Who Will Win the Quarterback Battles Across the League

Predicting the Winners of the NFL’s Quarterback Battles – Which passers have the best shot of winning their respective jobs on Week 1?

The Chicago Bears Have Bigger Issues Than Who’s Under Center

The Chicago Bears 41-15 loss to the Buffalo Bills was a clinic in coaching and execution exposing issues that need to be corrected.

Chicago Bears: Teven Jenkins Surgery Just Another Strike on Ryan Pace’s Resume

Constantly paying for damaged goods could finally catch up to Ryan Pace despite the presence of Justin Fields on the Bears roster.

Chicago Bears Rookie Quarterback Justin Fields Looked Great, Now What?

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields impre

Chicago Bears: Excitement Over Justin Fields Undone by Litany of Injuries

Chicago Bears fans have endured a lot so the excitement over rookie quarterback Justin Fields possibly getting his first start in Week 1 would be understandable sight unseen. But per reports from training camp, the 11th-overall pick has impressed with his steady improvement from day to day.  So far, we’ve gotten word of just one […]

2021 NFC North Defense: All-Division Team

2021 NFC North Defense: As training camp nears, we will be taking a look at the best players in each division position-by-position.

2021 NFC North Offense: All-Division Team

2021 NFC North Defense: As we reach training camp, it’s time to take a look at the best players in each division by position.

Adrian Peterson Free Agent Team Fits

Veteran running back Adrian Peterson wants to sign with a contender, and there are a few teams that could pursue his services.

Barkevious Mingo Arrested for ‘Indecency W/ Child, Sexual Contact’

Atlanta Falcons Edge Rusher Barkevious Mingo jeopardizes future in NFL after being arrested for sexual misconduct

NFL Rumors: Los Angeles Chargers Lawsuit, Allen Robinson Contract

According to the latest NFL rumors, the Los Angeles Chargers lawsuit will change courts while Allen Robinson talks about his contract.

Timeline for the 2021 NFL Rookie Quarterbacks to Start

With the 2021 NFL Training Camps coming up, the expectations and projected debut times for these first round rookie quarterbacks are rising.

Signing Along the Defensive Line has Chicago Bears Twitter Wondering

The Chicago Bears added Mike Pennel to the defensive line on a one-year deal on Thursday afternoon. The move got the Twittersphere all abuzz.

Chicago Bears Have One of the More Stable Depth Charts in the NFL

The Chicago Bears depth chart is one of the most stable in the NFL at a point in the off-season, “uncertainty” is the name of the game.

Faces of the 2021 Chicago Bears

OTAs have begun around the NFL and as such, it’s a good time to discuss the faces of each team which, in this case, is the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears Players with the Most to Prove in 2021

Which Chicago Bears players have the most to prove in 2021? It’s a fair question as we sit in the middle of the quiet part of the off-season.

NFL Rumors: Ryan Kerrigan Out In Washington, Andy Dalton To Start Over Justin Fields

NFL rumors: Ryan Kerrigan will not be back with the Washington Football Team, and Andy Dalton will start over Justin Fields

Chicago Bears 2021 Schedule Breakdown: Ranking Every Game by Difficulty

Chicago Bears Schedule Breakdown: The 2021 NFL schedule dropped and it’s time to break down each game and rank them in difficulty from 1-17.

Everyone Wants the Chicago Bears to Ruin Justin Fields

Everyone seems to want the Bears to ruin Justin Fields, their 2021 first-round pick (and hopeful franchise quarterback).

Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Draft Review

The 2021 NFL Draft was very kind to the Chicago Bears and went a long way in re-endearing Ryan Pace to fans after a rocky first five years.

NFC North 2021 NFL Draft Grades

NFC North Draft Grades: The most anticipated part of the off-season is officially in the rearview mirror. So how did the NFC North do?