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Washington Commanders to Bring Back Gold Pants This Season

Commanders bring back the gold pants in uniform rotation after fans express their desire to see the historic combination return.
Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels

Yesterday, the Washington Commanders announced on social media that the team would return the gold pants to their uniform rotation this season. Fans made it clear that they would like the historical uniforms to return to the fold (no pun intended).

In style, the Commanders took to X to stroll down memory lane to honor the franchise’s 92nd birthday. Washington had a slight frenzy on X with multiple posts from the team photoshoot with the gold pants and highlights from past games.

Commanders -The history of the gold pants

The 2024-25 season will be the first time the franchise has worn the pants as a regular staple since the 2018 season where they finished 7-9. Before the 2018 season, the gold pants made a few casual appearances in 2010 under former team president Bruce Allen.

Washington wore the pants after the franchise moved from Boston in 1937 and relocated to the DMV. Ironically the Commanders won two NFL championships while playing in the gold pants in 1937 and 1942.

The organization ultimately decided to move away from the pants being a permanent staple in their uniform rotation at the end of the 1978 season. The team opted to play in the burgundy and white pants for the next 31 years but the gold pants would return for special occasions.

Washington brought back the gold pants in 1994, 2002, 2003, and 2007 for a few games. The Commanders have not specified which games the pants will be worn this season. However, the excitement is there for the fans and the city.

Franchise new culture

Commanders owner Josh Harris and general manager Adam Peters want the franchise to honor old traditions but develop a new culture. First-year Washington head coach Dan Quinn will bring a fresh perspective to this franchise and high energy.

Washington needed to bring the gold pants back to bring some excitement to the city and rebuild within the fan base. The franchise has been through a lot with multiple settlements, previous owners that shall remain nameless, and consecutive losing seasons.

Bringing back the gold pants is a statement of confidence and a sense of rebirth so to speak. With a new franchise quarterback, a young receiving core, and a restructured defense, it’s important to bring back a uniform that the franchise experienced success.

The franchise’s new name was the topic of hot discussion but it is starting to grow in the football world. The team needs to win to make the name change valid. The gold pants will be a reminder of past success and promote an optimistic outlook on the new season.

One of the X pictures displayed star-wide-out Terry McLaurin shushing the nay-sayers with his gold pants on. The level of focus could be scary with a team that is tired of losing and wants to prove that they can compete.

There isn’t a specific outline of which uniforms will be worn for each game, but it’s clear that players are buying into all the changes around the franchise. Stay tuned for updates for Jersey and all things Washington Commanders.

Expect big things in Washington this year with the return of the gold pants.

Main Photo: [Kirby Lee] – USA Today Sports


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