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Joe Burrow Continues to Step Out of His Comfort Zone

Joe Burrow continues to step out his comfort zone as he recently appeared in Paris, France at the Vogue World fashion show.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is the superstar type of player the city of Cincinnati has rarely seen. Since he arrived in 2020, he has continued to elevate his brand and that of the Brown-Blackburn family franchise. The valuation of the Bengals has almost doubled in this span as they are now valued at $3.5 billion. Burrow’s next step seems to be parlaying his fame on the football field to transcend to the fashion realm as evidenced by his current trip and appearance in Vogue World in Paris.

While winning a Super Bowl is still at the top of the list to accomplish for Burrow, he seems willing to put himself in uncomfortable places as his stardom grows in a different direction.

Joe Burrow Continues to Step Out of His Comfort Zone

Changing His Stripes

Burrow is very private and reserved, and you rarely hear much about his life outside of football unless it concerns growing the Joe Burrow Foundation. His foundation helps young children and families suffering from food insecurity and mental health issues get the assistance they need in Greater Cincinnati, Athens, Ohio, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This helping yet humble mindset has certainly endeared him to Bengals fans and those in these communities.

Although this new offseason venture seems out of character for number nine, it doesn’t mean he can’t learn valuable lessons. In speaking to the press in France Burrow noted, “I’ve always loved clothes but never really understood the industry, so I wanted to learn more, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person, [and] I think walking in the show is a great way to do that. I think the crossover between fashion and sport is going to continue to grow.”

This version of Burrow is a welcome sight for fans who’ve wanted more of a window into the life of Cincy’s QB1. Most importantly, it shows he’s willing to change his stripes by taking all of Bengaldom with him every step of the way.

Main Photo: Albert Cesare/The Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK


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