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Seahawks May Shockingly Trade for Star Quarterback

Here is how the Seattle Seahawks may shockingly trade for star quarterback, Dak Prescott in a blockbuster deal this summer.
seahawks may trade for prescott

The Seattle Seahawks may shockingly trade for star quarterback, Dak Prescott this offseason. According to a report, the Seahawks are an obvious landing spot for Prescott if Geno Smith disappoints this upcoming season. Smith’s production has been dwindling this past year with 658 fewer yards and 10 fewer touchdowns. However, he enters his third consecutive season as the starter for the Seahawks so he has the opportunity to improve his play.

It doesn’t look like the Cowboys are extending Prescott anytime soon since they’ve been signing players at a bargain. The story is always the same for Dallas as they still haven’t given an extension to their top pass-catcher, CeeDee Lamb. If he leaves Dallas, some of the other obvious destinations for Prescott would be the Giants, Steelers, Saints and Titans. Most of these rosters already have a reliable starting quarterback but things in the league quickly.

Prescott is entering the final year of his $160 million contract this season but his future remains uncertain. There haven’t been any negotiations between the two parties to go through with an extension which could be imminent when he leaves. However, the Cowboys could make the swerve move to get something out of Prescott if he doesn’t accept the offer that they give him. Prescott isn’t looking to get the big deal but a fair contract that keeps him around the team for more years.

Dallas has been hesitating on doing so considering the playoff success he’s been having the past years. The Cowboys always look promising in the regular season but turns take a turn in the postseason. The longer that Dallas waits to extend him, the more likely that Prescott goes to another team on a big-money deal for a quarterback-needy team.

Seahawks May Shockingly Trade for Star Quarterback Dak Prescott

Potential Trade Destinations

New Orleans Saints

There were rumors this offseason that the Cowboys could trade Prescott in exchange for Derek Carr. This probably seems likely since Dallas has been wanting players at a bargain. If the Cowboys want to tank to rebuild a new roster then this is probably the route they may take to get rid of Prescott. However, the two parties are still confident that an extension can go through.

Anything can happen in the league since Prescott’s patience may wear thin and it may cause some frustration in the locker room. The Cowboys haven’t done anything this free agency other than signing Eric Kendricks and Ezekiel Elliott, to improve their roster. So no one should blame Prescott if he doesn’t perform well this season considering what the Cowboys were giving him this offseason.

Carolina Panthers

This seems very unlikely but look at what the Atlanta Falcons doing with Kirk Cousins. They made the move to draft Michael Penix Jr. even though they got a veteran quarterback on a mega deal. This could be the same case for the Panthers if they don’t see any improvement for Bryce Young. However, the Panthers are doing a good job of getting some high-level weapons like Diontae Johnson to improve their roster.

They’re creating a supporting cast for the second-year quarterback so time can tell what they may do. If they want a run sooner to the Super Bowl then they could trade for Prescott.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is going to be the starter for the next decade most likely. However, no one should rule out the possibility that the Ravens could trade for Prescott to create some quarterback competition. Jackson still has a track record of injuries under his belt so that could backfire him in the long run. The two-time MVP is still one the most stellar quarterbacks but if he goes down then Prescott would jump to be a reliable replacement.


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