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Should There Be Concern Over Jalen Hurts?

Jalen Hurts: After Hurts' recent comments about head coach Nick Sirianni, what is there to take away from the relationship between them?
Jalen Hurts

With Eagles training camp about a month away, it’s been an eventful offseason for the Eagles thus far. There has been coaching drama, big offseason moves, and even a tampering investigation. With the start of the season on the horizon, more talk has been focused on the outlook of 2025 rather than what happened in 2024. However, one particular aspect has been slowly boiling throughout the offseason. Jalen Hurts has made headlines this offseason for both positive and negative reasons. Not only did his level of play dip last year but other concerning questions were also being asked. Questions that put his leadership skills under the microscope. For an Eagles team that collapsed in 2023, they’re going to have to deal with major pressure and expectations again in 2024. If they want to meet those expectations, they will need everyone on the same page.

Should There Be Concern Over Jalen Hurts?

Are the Questions Around Hurts Warranted?

When you look at Jalen Hurts’ 2022 season compared to his 2023 season, there was a clear drop in productivity and consistency. However, that alone shouldn’t be too worrying. The Eagles also had problems with the coaching staff that negatively affected Hurts, not the other way around. The end of the season for the Eagles was riddled with dysfunction throughout the organization. While it’s fair to expect more from Hurts, many believe he can easily rebound in 2024. Nonetheless, even with a disappointing season, many experts and analysts still regard Hurts to be a top ten-ish quarterback in the league.

While he struggled with turnovers in 2023, he still does many positive things. The Week 8 game against the Washington Commanders showed what the ceiling could look like, while the playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed some of his flaws. Yet, conversations have begun to dissect Jalen Hurts off the field instead. Back in February, there was a report that Hurts “didn’t handle the ‘Pressure’” of his new giant contract in 2023. The report stated that he was being pulled in different directions, and it hurt his overall performance. Recently, the conversations around Hurts have heated up once again after some comments he made surrounding Nick Sirianni. Reportedly, these comments “disappointed several key figures within the organization.”

The Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni Controversy

Last week, Jalen Hurts had his press conference to wrap up the Eagles mandatory minicamp. The last two questions to Hurts were about Sirianni, asking what he thought of his coach being more ‘open-minded’ with the offense in 2024. Hurts replied with a pause, then said, “I mean, that’s a great question. I don’t know the answer to it.” After another follow-up question, he responded, “I think he’s been great in the messages he’s delivering to the team. Trying to be very intentional in what he’s saying.” His remarks caused an uproar one way or another. Some believe his comments were cheeky shade being thrown at his head coach. Many believe his comments were unprofessional and were causing unwanted division. While others refute these claims and say the media is on a ‘witch hunt’ to create fictional division between the quarterback and coach.

While Hurts’ comments weren’t the best thing to say, people often blow things out of proportion at this time of the year. The backlash has seemingly stemmed from earlier reports and takes that Hurts wasn’t a great leader of the locker room and needed to be more vocal. However, these comments are hardly anything for Eagles fans to worry about. Yes, there were better ways for Hurts to answer those questions, but they’re not indicative of a struggling relationship between him and Sirianni. Hurts throughout his time in Philadelphia, has always been someone who shares little with the media. While in the beginning, people were happy about his character and his unwillingness to say much outright. But per usual, now certain sects of Philadelphia media have turned this aspect against him, wanting him to do what he’s never done.

Parting Thoughts

Everyone has their ideal version of what a quarterback’s personality should be like and how they should handle themselves on and off the field. The reality is, though, that not everyone’s Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Moreover, there have been plenty of Hall of Fame quarterbacks that have handled things differently. Actions are always louder than words. Hurts has been with the organization throughout the offseason, while other quarterbacks have skipped their team’s OTAs. Even before then, Hurts was working out with Eagles free agent signing Saquon Barkley, among others. It’s clear that Hurts is committed to this team and its success. So, there’s no need to dissect what he says to the media to fish out controversies. While his leadership style may not suit everyone, he’s been present and committed to the team. That’s the number one thing you can ask out of any player.

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