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A Sneak-Peek at the Kellen Moore Offense in 2024

Kellen Moore: With OTA's and Mandatory Minicamp coming to a close, we have gotten the first glimpses into what the new Eagles offense is.
Kellen Moore

The new Eagles offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, must withstand a significant spotlight on him in 2024. After the Eagles lost Shane Steichen in 2023 to the Indianapolis Colts, the Eagles offense suffered severely. They still produced major stats with their talent, but fans saw a glaring lack of consistency and creativity during the year. 2023 offensive coordinator Brian Johnson and Nick Sirianni just couldn’t come close to uplifting the offense like Steichen did the prior year. Moore likely won’t be able to get this offense to the level it was at with Steichen’s, but if the Eagles want to succeed in 2024, he’ll have to make huge improvements.

With OTAs and Mandatory minicamp out of the way, beat writers and the players have gotten a first glimpse at what the Kellen Moore offense will look like. While there are not tons of specifics, there are elements that Moore has brought to excite fans. These elements should be a big help not only to the offense but specifically to Jalen Hurts. Coming off a season where he was second in MVP voting, he struggled at times in 2023. If Moore and Hurts get on the same page, he’s primed for a bounce-back season. But more importantly, the Eagles could return to being an offensive juggernaut.

Kellen Moore Offseason Observations

Possibly, the biggest news that Eagles fans saw was comments made by Jalen Hurts of the new offense. Hurts told the media that “95%” of the Eagles offense has been new this offseason. While it will take some time for Hurts and company to get accustomed to the offense, it’s a good sign for fans. Last year, there were many complaints about the offense being stale under Brian Johnson. There were also multiple comments on the Eagles predictability towards the end of the season and how defenses knew what was coming. The Eagles needed a shake-up, and Moore is bringing it.

Additionally, some other offseason observations are of note. A big element Eagles fans have been asking for is more pre-snap motion offensively, which has been frequently used in Moore’s scheme this offseason. Also, tight end Dallas Goedert has said there are plenty of quick, tight end throws and throws designed for running backs out of the backfield. But the most encouraging aspect was the ‘freedom’ that both receivers Devonta Smith and A.J. Brown have within the offense. Moore’s offense will allow both to be moved around the formation, from the outside to the slot, and on either side. There may also be more option routes for both of them to take advantage of the synergy between them and Hurts on certain defensive looks. This would help the offense not become stale or predictable, keeping defenses wary of where players are lined up.

Takeaways from Kellen Moore’s Past Experiences

Kellen Moore has served as offensive coordinator for both the Dallas Cowboys (2019-2022) and Los Angeles Chargers (2023). In his first year as a coordinator for the Cowboys, the offense was in the top five of all major statistical categories. After a middling season in 2020, the Cowboys were the highest-scoring team in 2021 and fourth highest in 2022. His last year with the Chargers wasn’t great, but that team suffered crucial injuries throughout the year. Moore isn’t a game-changer schematically compared to the top-tier coordinators, but the Eagles don’t need him to be. He’s proven to have a solid offensive mind that can consistently get players into good positions.

Another possible misconception about Moore’s offense is that it’s much more focused on the passing game over the run. While he has shown success scheming up passing plays with Dak Prescott, he is very committed to the run game. Power-Run plays are as crucial parts of his offense as plays out of the shotgun. While he hasn’t shown significant expertise in any single area, his offense is solid in all areas. The offense under Moore will be able to give the defense a lot of different looks. Which will only compliment all the talent on the Eagles roster.

Eagerness vs Cautiousness

Fans should be excited to see Moore’s new offense in action, especially with the positive reviews thus far. However, there are still a few complications from last season that will need to be overcome. Players will have to adjust to this new scheme but also work even harder to get on the same page. There seemed to be a disconnect at times, and it will be Moore and Hurts responsibility to bring everyone together. Also, the Eagles season started well offensively but petered out quickly as the season went on because of their predictability. NFL offenses cannot become stale, especially for teams with title aspirations. That will be the biggest test for Moore and the offense throughout the season.

Main Image: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports


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