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2025 NFL Draft: Will Campbell Preseason Scouting Report

The 2023 NFL season saw a myriad of injuries to quarterbacks. LSU’s Will Campbell may be the next great NFL blindside protector
will campbell

The NFL is full of haves and have-nots. You either have a capable quarterback or you don’t. Quarterbacks have never made more money than now, but they have also never missed as many games. The months of October to January see a who’s who of journeyman backups and undrafted guys that make you say, “He’s on a roster”? Below-average quarterbacks are commanding upwards of $30 million. When paying one player that much, protecting him is as important as any other facet of the organization. With this mentality, offensive tackle salaries continue to rise as well. Several NFL teams will be falling all over themselves to draft LSU’s, Will Campbell.

Will Campbell NFL Draft Overview

The NFL Draft is the biggest indicator of how important it is to protect the quarterback. In 2024, seven of the first ten picks were quarterbacks or offensive tackles. The 2025 class will likely be no different. Will Campbell, a longtime starter out of LSU, may be the crown jewel of this cycle. Campbell stands at a massive 6’6”, 320 pounds, and has been holding down LSU’s blindside since his very first college game. Campbell won the starting job in camp as a true Freshman and was thrust into a national spotlight in week one. His first matchup? This year’s 19th overall pick, Jared Verse. Thrown into the fire may be an understatement for Campbell.

Position: OT
Height: 6’6” (Unofficial)
Weight: 320 Pounds (Unofficial)
School: LSU

Will Campbell 2025 NFL Draft profile


  • Became a starter at a premiere program almost immediately
  • Young breakout age
  • Outstanding footwork for a 20-year-old
  • Dancing bear with quick, reactive feet
  • Good balance
  • Ability to anchor and hold firm in pass protection


  • Must continue to get stronger to be able to hold the point of attack
  • Struggles with powerful rushers
  • Must be more precise with his hands to make up for inconsistent grip strength
  • Looks to struggle with length, measurements will be a big day for him
  • Must continue to refine himself technically

Projection: Top 10 pick

Bottom Line on Will Campbell

Will Campbell is going to be a very rich man in about 11 months. Players at this position, with this skill set, simply don’t fall out of the top ten. Campbell has it all. He has all the requisite traits necessary to be one of the best offensive tackles. Campbell blends elite size with some tantalizing athleticism. He pairs these traits with incredible experience and technical prowess for his age. Campbell still has some work to do, but he is incredibly far along for a true Sophomore. The young tackle has countless reps where he simply shuts down an opposing pass rusher and keeps Jayden Daniels clean. Those types of plays make you a top draft pick.

Finding players at this size with this athletic ability is incredibly hard to find. Will Campbell, a mammoth tackle out of LSU, has all the makings of a top-ten pick. Run blocking is wildly important, but pass protection gets you paid. Will Campbell is as developed of a Sophomore tackle as you will see. Campbell could start tomorrow in the NFL and hold his own. He will be the first tackle off the board in 2025. With this questionable quarterback class coming up, Campbell could even find himself in the top five. Will Campbell has been a household name since the day he signed with the Tigers. In 2025, all of that hype will finally come to fruition.

Main Image: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports


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