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NFC Contender Urged to Trade for $19 Million Pro Bowler

Here is how NFC contender the Seattle Seahawks are urged to trade for $19 million Pro Bowler, Khalil Mack this offseason.
seahawks urged trade mack

NFC contender the Seattle Seahawks are urged to trade for $19 million Pro Bowler edge rusher, Khalil Mack this offseason. According to one report, the team could benefit from making another move for another pass rusher this season. CBS Sports’ Douglas Clawson describes the Seahawks as one of the seven teams in “QB purgatory.” This means they have a starter that is “average-to-above average starters” who are not good enough to lead a team to a ring.

However, the team could focus on improving their defense while they figure out who will be the long-term starting quarterback. Geno Smith has been consistent during the regular season but hasn’t been able to lead them to a playoff win. They were able to add Sam Howell to beef up the competition for the position so this could be an indicator that Smith is on the hot seat. Mike Macdonald is taking over the roster by storm after the longly-tenured Pete Carroll.

The same source is urging for Seattle to trade for Mack before the trade deadline next season. This is interesting considering Mack was able to stay on the Chargers on a one-year deal. Los Angeles has two of their best pass rushers coming back this upcoming season, including Joey Bosa. They were the two best defensive pieces that were available on the market for a while until they both decided to stay with the team on a revised contract.

The cash-strapped team was looking for at least some of their best key players to work with them on a new deal. The new contract gives them more freedom as far as cap space to sign more players before the season begins. Only time can tell if the Chargers will move on from Mack considering they have Bosa.

NFC Contender Seattle Seahawks Urged to Trade for $19 Million Pro Bowler Khalil Mack

Will It Happen?

It seems unlikely this trade will happen anytime soon considering they were able to agree on a new contract months ago. The former Defensive Player of the Year had one of the best seasons in his career last season, recording 17 sacks in 2023. His return is valuable to mentor second-round pick Tuli Tuipulotu. The eight-time Pro Bowler has 101.5 career sacks, which is 58th in league history.

It’s easy to see why any team like the Seahawks are making reporters urge them to make this trade happen. Mack has been one of the elite pass rushers next to Bosa and his brother Nick Bosa in San Francisco. If the Chargers move on from Mack eventually, it would simply be for cap space. They were able to do this already by revising his contract but anything can happen up to this point.

Pass rushing is one of the weaknesses of the Seahawks after ranking 11th in total sacks. Linebacker Boye Mafe led the team with nine sacks but guys like Leonard Williams and Devon Witherspoon need some upside to the defense. If the Chargers look like pretenders rather than contenders then the trade could happen in the middle of the season. Here are some other potential trade fits for Mack.

Potential Trade Fits for Mack

The Ravens are still looking for some edge help despite having one of the best defensive tackles in the league. Justin Madubuike had one of the best seasons in his career after effectively putting pressure on the quarterback. However, another team that needs some star power on their defense is the Kansas City Chiefs. They were able to retain Chris Jones on a long-term deal but they still need some edge help.

The more power they have on defense, the less they have to worry about their offense considering they don’t have a lot of reliable starters at wide receiver. Carolina could be looking for some edge help even though they were able to sign Jadeveon Clowney. Brian Burns is going to need more help in the future and it seems like Clowney is a short-term option until they make a big splash trade.


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