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Surprising AFC Contender Linked to $196 Million Free Agent

Here is how this surprising AFC contender the Miami Dolphins is linked to $196 million free agent, Ryan Tannehill.
dolphins linked to tannehill

Surprising AFC Contender the Miami Dolphins is linked to $196 million free agent Ryan Tannehill in a possible signing this offseason. According to a report, the Dolphins could add a familiar face to provide insurance for Tua Tagovailoa at the quarterback position. There’s little depth behind the star quarterback with the current depth of Mike White and Skylar Thompson. However, Tannehill’s regular days as a starter are over so he could easily end his career with the team that drafted him.

A former No. 8 draft pick in 2012 was the starter for the Dolphins from 2012 to 2018 before spending the past four seasons with the Titans. Tannehill still offers some valuable experience with 151 starts which is better than what the Dolphins have on the depth chart. He knows the system well even though Mike McDaniel is the latest coach for Miami so there were a lot of chances since his departure. It won’t cost much for the Dolphins since he’ll probably be seeking a deal on a one-year contract before he eventually retires.

Tannehill doesn’t have a lot of time left to provide for a team but he still provides value to the tank he still has. The Dolphins could release White to clear $3.5 million in cap space since the team isn’t going to carry more than three quarterbacks. However, it won’t cost a ton of money for Miami which currently has $1.89 million in cap space. The Pro Bowler has had some quality moments throughout his career.

He’s been able to maintain a 64.3% completion rate for his journey but has an 81-70 record and a 2-3 playoff record. Tannehill isn’t in his prime anymore but one can wonder what he could do at camp as a backup around talent.

Surprising AFC Contender Miami Dolphins Linked to $196 Million Free Agent Ryan Tannehill

What He Could Still Provide

Tannehill could thrive in the pocket as the No. 2 quarterback behind Tagovailoa with big-time talent around him as he did in 2020. He was able to notch 3,819 yards and 33 touchdowns while having some of the best receiver rosters on depth that season. A.J. Brown, Corey Davis and tight end Jonnu Smith were his targets that were able to see him float into the team’s first playoff in a long time. Tannehill will have Tyreek Hil, Jaylen Waddle and Odell Beckham Jr. in a dream package that will be catching the ball.

However, he’s coming off a down year in 2023 after having eight starts and Will Levis took over as the starter. They didn’t have the same talent that the Dolphins have so this is a significant upgrade if they need Tannehill to step in. A reunion may be what he needs to fulfill the rest of his journey in the league. Despite the injuries last year, he was able to notch 4,152 passing yards for 17 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

No one thinks that Tannehill is a threat to Tagovailoa’s job but his contract talks are still up in the air. He’s waiting on a deal which the Dolphins are still hoping to accomplish before this upcoming season. Here are some potential destinations for Tannehill.

Potential Destinations

The Saints could become available to bring in the veteran to serve under Derek Carr, coming off a disappointing debut season. Dennis Allen should probably see how Carr adjusts to the new offensive pieces but if he doesn’t see improvement then they could get Tannehill in as an emergency. Tannehill isn’t getting younger but if the next two years are disastrous for Bryce Young, he could be the temporary starter until they find a permanent fix for Carolina.

The Panthers shouldn’t worry too much about the production considering they were able to bring in new toys for Young. However, one quarterback that has an uncertain future is Dak Prescott. The Dallas Cowboys have been doing nothing to improve their roster while stalling contract talks. Could they be purposely tanking? It could be the case since Prescott is entering his final year.

Tannehill isn’t perfect but he may be the temporary fix like a Nick Foles 2.0 to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.


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