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Saints GM Gives Shocking Update on Trading Pro Bowler

Here is Saints General Manager Dennis Allen giving a shocking update on trading Pro Bowler Marshon Lattimore.
update on trading lattimore

Saints GM Dennis Allen gives a shocking update on trading Pro Bowler Marshon Lattimore this offseason. According to a report, Allen continues to be affirmative when discussing that the cornerback will rejoin the Saints this year are trade rumors have been swirling. He also told reporters that he had a conversation with Lattimore about the ongoing conversations surrounding a trade. However, the two sides have been positive with each other which could indicate that he’s staying with the team.

“I just thought it was something we needed to communicate,” he said. “There’s been a lot of talk outside our building about trades and things of that nature. And so I just felt it was probably time that he and I had that conversation. It was a positive conversation and we’re looking forward to getting him out when he’s here and working with him.”

It sounds like Lattimore is staying with the Saints but his holdout from OTA’s could spark if it continues through mandatory camp. He currently sits as the sixth-highest-paid corner in the league after signing a contract extension in 2021. However, his production has been slowing down the past two seasons after missing 17 games combined. One would speculate that he isn’t the same player he was after earning three consecutive Pro Bowl nods.

His track record of injuries and given the Saints salary cap implications, it isn’t favoring the Pro Bowler. Availability issues have already bruised the relationship between Michael Thomas and New Orleans which could lead to the same case for Lattimore. It’s only a matter of time before Allen gives another update on trading Lattimore. Here are five potential trade fits for him.

Update On Trading Pro Bowler: Five Potential Trade Fits for Lattimore

Baltimore Ravens

Many reports had the Ravens trade for Lattimore earlier this offseason before the NFL Draft. It could come to light after Baltimore needs a boost in their secondary. However, considering his injury history, he could be a risk for the Ravens. The biggest need for Baltimore is the pass-rushing unit so they could make a splash trade to bring Lattimore in a more aggressive role.

Jadeveon Clowney is gone and Kyle Van Noy is the only experienced defensive member on the team, it leaves the Ravens with more questions than answers. They could also change Lattimore’s role to be a physical hitter in a linebacker role. If he can stay healthy, the Ravens can go to town to probably reach a Super Bowl opportunity.

According to a report, safety is still a need for the team so Lattimore fits into that secondary scheme and could team with Marlon Humphrey.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs technically have one more hole to fill in their powerful defense. They haven’t had anyone to replace L’Jarius Sneed since his trade to the Titans. Lattimore isn’t anything compared to what the Chiefs have but it’s a cheap option with a low risk. Kansas City didn’t draft a cornerback until the sixth round so it’s better than nothing.

Dallas Cowboys

This trade already sounds like a dream considering the Cowboys aren’t doing anything to improve their roster. They’re on the fence of cap space with having to extend Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb. No one should expect this trade to go through but Dallas could give up a few late rounds in exchange for Lattimore. He’s not in his prime anymore but he provides an upgrade since they haven’t made any effort to bring Stephon Gilmore back.

Carolina Panthers

Contract talks are stalling with Gilmore so they may as well leap to try to acquire Lattimore. They have similar characteristics so it wouldn’t be a problem for the Panthers to consider this trade. However, the Saints will probably never trade their star to a rival but anything can happen in the NFL. Carolina should be able to make one more trade before the upcoming season to improve their defense.

Los Angeles Chargers

Where are the moves happening to improve their defense? They’re doing everything they can to upgrade the offense to help Justin Herbert but lack firepower for the defense that is bringing back Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa. Kristian Fulton doesn’t seem to be the long-term fix along with Asante Samuel Jr. so they may need one more piece.


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