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Pro Bowl Free Agent Says He Still “Got It,” Could Sign Imminently

Here is how Pro Bowl free agent Dalvin Cook says he still "got it" after reports suggest he could sign imminently.
cook got it sign imminently

Pro Bowl free agent running back Dalvin Cook says he still got it and could sign imminently this offseason. According to multiple reports, the Florida State product is still looking for a new NFL home after having confidence that he’s still in his prime. However, luck hasn’t been on his side as of late when finding a new destination after coming close to signing with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this free agency. The 28-year-old said he does not plan to retire and is waiting until a team calls him for training camp.

He’s hoping to join a team next month when mandatory camp occurs to show what he can provide. Last season, things haven’t gone far for the former Pro Bowler after recording 67 carries for 214 yards in 15 games. He found himself at the Baltimore Ravens practice squad in the same 2023 campaign where they won the divisional round. However, he never got the opportunity with the team even though he was just on the practice team after his release from the New York Jets.

Cook went from starting all 17 games with the Minnesota Vikings in 2022 to fighting for a roster spot in today’s league. He isn’t in his prime anymore as he says he is despite missing some playing time because of Jets’ Breece Hall. He was taking most of the snaps during Cook’s tenure in New York. However, he’s been lackluster the past few seasons but he’s been dominant when he has the opportunity and is healthy which was in his time with the Vikings.

Cook had four consecutive seasons seasons of over 1,000 rushing yards from 2019-2022. It’s clear he still has a lot to give in his tank but only one can wonder if he can stay healthy.

Pro Bowl Free Agent Dalvin Cook Says He Still “Got It,” Could Sign Imminently

Is Time Coming Up Soon?

Time doesn’t look to be favoring Cook after he was one of the best running backs in the league with the Vikings. He never saw the opportunity with the Jets so one could speculate with the right one, he could get back to his old self. Cook notes that his options remain “wide open” as he’s navigating who will be reaching out to him soon. However, he’s letting teams know that he’s in a positive place and is in full health.

“I feel great man,” he said. “Last year was kind of different for me because having to transition from being released and then having surgery and finding out where I want to be as far as rehabbing. It was kind of a whirlwind for me. It’s just about having everything in order this offseason and getting a jump on everything.”

Cook seems to be positive about not finding an NFL home. Here are some potential destinations for Cook that may be available.

Potential Destinations

The Chiefs already have a solid starter in Isiah Pacheco but they’re lacking roster depth at the position. It’s questionable why they didn’t bring back Jerick McKinnon considering he was outperforming Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He’s been a journeyman in his career so Cook could be the better backup for Pacheco which they could be sharing snaps this year. However, the Chargers are another team that needs a solid backup to help lead J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards.

Jim Harbaugh is going to focus on the running game this upcoming season so they may as well give Cook some playing time to his advantage. If Cook says he got all the right tools then he could be a fit with Baltimore’s offense. Derrick Henry may be the starter but they have him on a two-year contract to see if he can get back on track from his injury. The Ravens should probably give him that same opportunity to prove what he says he can do.

One final destination that could make sense teaming up with Alvin Kamara in New Orleans. There have been rumors that Kamara could be on the trade block this offseason which could lead one to wonder if he leaves then they already have their replacement. Cook isn’t anything like Kamara but it’s better than nothing.


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