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Veteran Free Agent May Have Igniting Market in Coming Days

Here is veteran free agent and former Chicago Bear edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue could have an igniting market in coming days.
ngakoue have igniting market

Veteran free agent Yannick Ngakoue may have an igniting market in the coming days this offseason. The former Chicago Bear has been posting a series of workout videos and photos that could garner attention from other teams. However, it’s still possible for the edge rusher to return to the team that ended his season early with an injury. Time waits for no one so they may be running out of it since many reports are coming out that Ngakoue could be heading elsewhere.

One report suggests that they bring back the former defensive lineman on a one-year reunion as a stop-gap while the younger talent hones their skills. It makes sense considering the Maryland product is affordable and familiar with the team’s defense. However, he wasn’t able to put on a productive season last year after having one of the worst campaigns in his career. Ngakoue was only able to tally just four sacks and missed four games this year due to an ankle injury.

Chicago can’t necessarily afford to make a big swing to fill the vacant edge position opposite Montez Sweat. However, one source has the possibility of the Bears signing former Dolphin Emmanuel Ogbah to be the replacement. They could do both by bringing back Ngakoue and signing Ogbah to beef up the position on a one-year basis. Ogbah spent the last four years in Miami, tallying a total of 24.5 sacks across 57 games.

Ngakoue’s market is going to heat up within the next month so the Bears may have to make a decision soon. However, they could bring in Ogbah as a rotational piece to see what he could bring since they already saw what Ngakoue could do. It wasn’t very reassuring but the market is thinning.

Veteran Free Agent Yannick Ngakoue May Have Igniting Market in Coming Days

Will He Be Back In Chicago?

It doesn’t seem likely that the Bears would be willing to bring Ngakoue on another deal considering the production he put with them. ESPN analyst Matt Bowen doesn’t believe Chicago is an ideal spot for the Maryland product and suggests that Cleveland would be a better place. The move would be to add depth to the Browns’ defense after already having former Defensive Player of the Year, Myles Garret on the team.

Ngakoue recorded 69 total career sacks over his nine pro seasons so he still looks like someone who has a lot in the tank. However, it would leave the Bears looking for edge rushing help and would need to find a cheap talent to do what Ngakoue couldn’t. It doesn’t seem logical for Chicago to move on from the Maryland product if they’re thinking in terms of saving money. Ngakoue coming back would spare them the cap trouble but the question remains is it even worth the risk?

That’s up to the Bears to decide whether or not they want to bring him back. Chicago would be left relying on DeMarcus Walker, Dominique Robinson and rookie Austin Booker. Here are some potential destinations for the Marland product.

Potential Destinations

The Ravens have been losing many key starters on their defense this offseason and were lacking draft capital to fill the void. Jadeveon Clowney is in Carolina so they could use a cost-effective free agent like Ngakoue to beef up the defensive line. He isn’t going to make the line spark again but they’re better off putting him in a rotation with other proven defenders. However, Ngakoue could be put in a position where he could ring chase in his career.

His landing with the Chiefs would likely give him more experience on a proven line. It should make one of the better players at his position if he sticks around to learn from Chris Jones. The Panthers are another promising Super Bowl team that could use some depth at the position. Clowney, D.J. Wonnum and Brian Burns are the starters but they could use another edge rusher.

One final fit would be the New Orleans Saints if Dennis Allen is looking for a low-risk, high-reward player like Ngakoue. He could provide some value to new signee Chase Young.


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