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Star Quarterback in Contract Talks, Could a Trade Happen?

Star quarterback Trevor Lawrence is in contract talks with the Jacksonville Jaguars and a shocking trade is still possible.
lawrence contract talks trade

Star quarterback Trevor Lawrence is in contract talks with the Jacksonville Jaguars but could a trade happen this offseason? 2024 marks the first year where the Clemson product is eligible for an extension. Franchise stars typically sign a new deal after their first three years, speculating that he could be on track to secure a monster contract relatively soon. Talks on a new contract have been taking place since last month and now Lawrence’s deal seems to be the top priority.

However, the talks have been positive and things seem to be moving in the right direction to strike a deal. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said the negotiations between the Jaguars and Lawrence’s camp are “progressing fairly nicely.” There’s still a lot of time for a deal to be worked out, with the team deciding to pick up his 2025 fifth-year option. Fowler expects Lawrence to strike a contract that has him earning above the $50 million per-year mark.

Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts have been the four ascending quarterbacks that have been inking deals for the past few offseasons. Jared Goff joined the group by inking a mega-contract extension with the Lions worth $53 million per season. However, Lawrence’s rookie season didn’t go as planned under Urban Meyer but the hiring of Doug Pederson brought back the spark. The Jaguars were able to go to the divisional round of the postseason in 2022, earning Lawrence’s first Pro Bowl nod.

Things have been taking a turn as of late last season after the Clemson product’s offense struggled. Lawrence has 39 interceptions and 21 lost fumbles in his career, which could be a concern for his contract extension in the first place. However, he still surpassed 4,000 passing yards in each of those two campaigns.

Star Quarterback Trevor Lawrence in Contract Talks, Could a Trade Happen?

Will He Still Be the Future?

Lawrence is still set to be the next NFL quarterback who could eclipse the $50 million per year mark in his next contract. The deal hasn’t been in fruition but it seems it’s heading that way. Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson is still hoping that a contract may be coming soon for Lawrence.

“I think it’s part of the business,” he said. “Obviously the sooner you get it done, right, it’s behind everybody, and now we focus on football. I’ve just got to coach Trevor and coach football, and hopefully it gets done, and it will.”

The former No. 1 overall pick still has been showing the ability to reach a high level of player. Jacksonville saw some of their players walk out from the team in free agency including Calvin Ridley. However, they were able to acquire Gabe Davis in the market and Brian Thomas Jr. in this year’s draft. It seems like Lawrence is back to square one to build offensive chemistry with two new receivers.

The good news is that Jacksonville probably has two more years of Lawrence before worrying about an extension. They’re working now on a new deal so they avoid losing any time before he decides to walk out too. If he does, here are some potential trade fits for the Clemson product.

Potential Trade Fits

It doesn’t seem possible that Lawrence would be leaving Jacksonville but anything can happen. However, the New Orleans Saints are a fit since they haven’t had any luck with Derek Carr. Especially considering the lackluster of unproven talent receivers, it seems fitting for them to make a reset at the quarterback position. There have been some rumors floating about Lawrence being the possible replacement for Dak Prescott if he doesn’t reach a deal with the Cowboys.

Dallas has done little to nothing to make their offseason seem like they’re going “all in.” Considering that, Lawrence’s trade makes sense so it buys them time to figure out a contract that fits both parties.


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