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Caleb Williams’ Unexpected Ranking in PFF’s Quarterback Tier List

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams is already earning respect from Pro Football Focus' starting quarterback rankings.
Caleb Williams PFF

Every year, Pro Football Focus (PFF) comes out with their quarterback rankings. While there’s always room for criticism, it’s typical for rookie quarterbacks to fall outside the top 25. However, Trevor Sikkema of PFF defies this trend by placing Chicago Bears rookie QB Caleb Williams surprisingly high on PFF’s QB tier list.

PFF’s Quarterback Rankings Place Caleb Williams In Surprising Tier

Where Caleb Williams Ranks Among Quarterbacks According To PFF

Rookie QB Caleb Williams breaks into the top 25, ranking No. 19 among all starters. For context, the next highest rookie on the list, Drake Maye, comes in at 26. Despite not playing an NFL snap, Williams’ impressive college stats justify his ranking. Over two years at USC, he threw for 8,170 yards, 72 touchdowns, and only ten interceptions, earning six major awards, including the Heisman. While it’s understandable to argue he shouldn’t be ranked above established NFL quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson, Williams’ potential and highlight-reel plays make his ranking deserved. Sikkema explains his reasoning for placing Williams at 19:

“Williams has the natural gifts to be an impactful football player in Year 1. He’ll be surrounded by some stud receivers and what is hopefully a good offensive line. The big question for him is whether all the Superman plays at USC were out of desperation or if that is his identity. If it was out of desperation and he can be comfortable playing in structure, he could be in for a big year. If he continues to play backyard football too much, 2024 might be a wild ride.”

Bears Rookie QB Set Up For Success

The sky’s the limit for Caleb Williams. With the best supporting cast a rookie quarterback has ever had in his first season, Williams is poised for a highly productive first season. Additionally, the Bears, benefiting from the league’s third-easiest schedule (opponents had a .467 win percentage last season), are in a favorable position. Nick Wright of “First Things First” recently made a bold statement, suggesting he’s “flirting” with the idea of the Bears reaching the Super Bowl in Williams’ rookie year. It’s interesting because the Bears don’t face a divisional opponent until Week 11, which could benefit Williams. Wright also noted that of the seven teams projected to have the fewest wins next season, the Bears play five within the first nine games. So, if Williams can adjust to the NFL while gaining confidence, that’s a recipe for success.

Where Caleb Williams Could Be Ranked At The End Of The 2024-25 Season

Caleb Williams has the potential to surpass several quarterbacks who are currently ranked above him in PFF’s QB rankings. PFF categorizes quarterbacks into tiers, with Williams in Tier 4: The Melting Pot of Starters. From a personal standpoint, there’s no valid reason why Williams couldn’t be better than any of those QBs at the end of the season. Players like Geno Smith, Tua Tagovailoa, and Trevor Lawrence face make-or-break seasons. On the other hand, Williams has all the elements to outshine them. He has an outstanding supporting cast, a top-ten defense, and innate physical and mental abilities. All that’s left for Williams is to prove it on the field.

Projected Rank At The End Of The 2024-25 Season: Top 15

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