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NFC Contender May Shockingly Cut $39 Million Playmaker

Here is how NFC contender the Dallas Cowboys may shockingly cut $39 million playmaker, Brandin Cooks this offseason.
Cowboys may cut Cooks

NFC Contender the Dallas Cowboys may shockingly cut $39 million playmaker wide receiver Brandin Cooks this offseason. According to a report, it suggests that America’s team may have to cut or trade the veteran amid their contractual negotiations. The team is in a sticky situation so shedding off some salary by making this move would come with sacrifice to keep Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb. However, Cooks hasn’t been as productive as they were hoping last season.

Lamb and Prescott are entering the final year of their contracts, carrying a $55.45 million cap hit for 2024. Time is ticking for the Cowboys to create some magic in saving space to give them new deals. They’re hoping neither player will hold out this year since they’ll be looking for a new contract before playing their final season. If so, this could force the Cowboys’ hand to make some fast moves to save space, which could include cutting or trading Cooks.

Micah Parsons is also eligible for an extension this year but he isn’t in a rush to get it despite missing the first day of OTA’s. The Cowboys only have $1.925 million in cap space so they may have to make some difficult that could raise some eyebrows. Bleacher Report suggests that a trade or release is the best step to manage their payroll in a move they can’t afford.

It’s a creative way but that means missing out on a player that’s been a part of the team for the last season. However, they could target a receiver in the market like Hunter Renfrow or Michael Thomas but that isn’t expected. The thing about is that the Cowboys could save their financial casualty by extending Prescott and Lamb. It’s a tricky situation but one to watch.

NFC Contender Dallas Cowboys May Shockingly Cut $39 Million Playmaker Brandin Cooks

What This Means for Depth

The idea of the Cowboys moving on from Cooks wouldn’t sound bad if they had the depth for it. However, the release of Michael Gallup leaves only two reliable receivers on the team. Dallas can’t afford to lose Cooks unless they’re able to sign a replacement. They were able to bring in Zay Jones but he moved on to sign with the Cardinals.

The Cowboys have done little to nothing this offseason to improve their roster so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they move on from Cooks. However, if Lamb is holding then that would mean Cooks would have to step up as their new WR1. The receiving outlook doesn’t look promising for a team that was hoping to “all in” this offseason. KaVontae Turpin, Ryan Flournoy and Jalen Brooks are the backlines of the receiving corps that remain.

However, there may be available options out there for America’s team but are they capable of replicating what Cooks was able to do? Probably not, but it may be the route they have to take instead of playing the waiting game. The Cowboys are confident that a deal can get done for their superstars. Here are some potential destinations for Cooks if Dallas moves on.

Potential Destinations

Anyone who gets to join the Kansas City Chiefs means a chance for a ring. Cooks has been a journeyman in his career and if he becomes available, he could join a firepower offense. Rashee Rice seems likely to miss the year if he gets into more trouble but Marquise Brown leading the group doesn’t look promising. This is why they drafted Xavier Worthy but it’ll take some time for him to adjust to the offense.

Another SuperBowl Bowl-worthy fit would be the Baltimore Ravens. They haven’t been able to find a reliable wideout since Odell Beckham Jr. moved on to Miami. Cooks could be a cheap replacement without having to spend so much money. However, Cooks might be able to fit in Carolina’s offense under Bryce Young if they move on from Adam Thielen.

They were able to acquire Diontae Johnson in a trade but they may not be finished from getting the right pieces for Young. Cooks would easily be the WR3 and be a help for Thielen this season to boost his production.


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