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The 5 Oldest Stadiums in the NFL Still In Use

Soldier Field is in list of oldest stadiums in NFL

There’s something special about watching a game at an old stadium. Perhaps for some they remember visiting the same when they were younger, bringing that feeling of sentimentality to the fore. For others, it could be the memories of the players who achieved legendary status in years past. Both are great reasons.

The 5 Oldest NFL Stadiums Still in Operation

While many NFL teams have moved into shiny new stadiums in recent decades, a handful of venerable venues have stood the test of time. Here are the 5 oldest stadiums still hosting NFL games:

1. Soldier Field (1924) – Chicago Bears

Originally opened in 1924, Soldier Field is the oldest active NFL stadium. However, the Bears did not move in until 1971 after playing at Wrigley Field. A massive 2003 renovation kept only the exterior columns intact while building a modern bowl inside. Despite its age, Soldier Field continues hosting the Bears as well as other major events like the MLS All-Star Game.

2. Lambeau Field (1957) – Green Bay Packers

The oldest continually operating NFL stadium, Lambeau Field opened in 1957 as the first modern football stadium purpose-built for an NFL team. Its classic bowl design has been maintained through multiple renovations, preserving the intimate atmosphere that makes it one of the most iconic venues in sports.

3. Arrowhead Stadium (1972) – Kansas City Chiefs

Part of the Truman Sports Complex along with Kauffman Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium has aged remarkably well since opening in 1972. A $375 million renovation in 2010 helped modernize the facility while retaining its signature tight seating bowl. Anyone who visits these days will be treated to an ultra-loud stadium that has housed the latest dynasty team in the NFL.

4. New Era Field (1973) – Buffalo Bills

Formerly Rich Stadium and Ralph Wilson Stadium, New Era Field opened in 1973 and has not aged as gracefully as some older venues. The Bills were faced with pressure from the NFL to either renovate or build a new stadium to replace this bare-bones, outdoor facility. It opted for the latter, with the new New Era Field currently being built literally across the street from the one that will be used again in 2024-25.

5. Mercedes-Benz Superdome (1975) – New Orleans Saints

The Superdome was the second domed stadium built for the NFL after the Astrodome in Houston. It has undergone multiple renovations, most recently in 2011, to maintain its status as a premier venue hosting the Saints, Super Bowls, college bowl games and more. Of course most will also recall the historically significant housing of those dispossessed during Hurricane Katrina, making the Superdome transcending of football.

While new stadiums continue popping up, these five facilities have proven their longevity by adapting and evolving over decades (well, maybe not New Era Field) while still preserving their history and tradition. It may be a matter of time before the last of them are replaced, but for now they will continue to top most fans’ bucket lists.


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