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Former WWE Star Visits NFL Team, Signing May Come Soon

Here is how former WWE Star, Gable Stevenson visits the Buffalo Bills and a signing may come soon for the former Olympic gold medalist.
Stevenson visits Bills signing soon

Former WWE star Gable Stevenson visits NFL team the Buffalo Bills and a signing may come soon to make his Pro Football debut. According to a report, Stevenson is looking for a new career path after his release from the wrestling promotion. The Bills are in the mix among other NFL teams for the former U.S. Olympic gold medalist who will be looking to break into the league. Stevenson was already getting some looks from teams after his release from the WWE, so it’ll be surprising where ends up.

He was looking to get a career in the wrestling promotion after winning the heavyweight gold at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Stevenson had some hype but he was unable to sustain traction to continue his career in WWE. However, the Bills were already showing interest in the former gold medalist in 2021. Stevenson is already familiar with the scouts after having discussions with them.

“So many great organizations and teams have reached out,” Stevenson said. “A scout from the Bills, there is a connection with the Ravens. The Olympic gold medal is helping me see the world, so my next step is going to be a big decision. I’m going to decompress now and think about it.”

It won’t be long for Stevenson to think about a decision to play football after trying out wrestling. Many teams are expected to call for his services but it’s still unknown who. The Bills are unable to envision what type of position would fit Stevenson being that he’s 6-foot-1, 285 pounds. However, the team hasn’t been shying away from grabbing talent outside the world of football.

Former WWE Star Gable Stevenson Visits NFL Team Buffalo Bills, Signing May Come Soon

The Crossover Won’t Be Easy

Stevenson isn’t the first or the last athlete to make this crossover from one sport to another happen. The Bills used a seventh-round draft pick on Travis Clayton, a boxing and rugby standout from England looking to make a name in the NFL. He’s a part of the International Player Pathway Program and he believes his size and skill will translate to the league. This is the same hope for Stevenson who will be looking to fight for a job in the league, knowing nothing will come easy.

Many had high hopes for Stevenson’s journey in the WWE. The organization established a remote training facility to help develop him and hone his skills while finishing up his studies. However, Stevenson was in a few big spots during WWE premium live events, including Wrestlemania 38. Fans didn’t latch on to the attention that he was getting after getting an ablation on his heart.

One can wonder if Stevenson can transition like how Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, Brock Lesnar and Joe Anoa’i did from the NFL to WWE. However, all three athletes seem to be having successful crossovers and have been active in the wrestling promotion. His size and agility could make many wonder what position he will play in the NFL.

What Position Would He Play?

It’s unclear what position teams will consider putting him on. However, there seems to be one that could be fitting and that’s the tight end position. If this is the case, he could be a solid option for Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Imagine the other teams that are probably reaching out.

One could speculate that the Chiefs are probably looking into him considering that Travis Kelce won’t be around for long. Patrick Mahomes would need another reliable tight end target after Kelce’s days are over after retirement rumors. Let’s make this clear, it’s a hypothetical situation if teams look at him as a tight end. It’s speculation and there’s no guarantee that he will be playing that position.

However, one team that could need a solid backup at the position is the Carolina Panthers. Ja’Tavion Sanders may win the starting job in the future but isn’t until later. Stevenson would probably be solid for depth to give him a chance at what he can produce for Bryce Young. The Panthers already did their homework at the receiver position but not so much for tight ends.


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