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Blockbuster Trade May Come Soon For Former Pro Bowler

Here is how a shocking blockbuster trade may come soon for former Pro Bowler and New Orleans Saints cornerback, Marshon Lattimore.
Trade come soon Lattimore

A blockbuster trade may come soon for former Pro Bowler and New Orleans Saints cornerback, Marson Lattimore next month. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell proposed a series of trade candidates and his first big projection has Lattimore landing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He argues that age, injury history and price will limit Lattimore’s trade market more than anyone expects. However, this may be the case but he still put a solid campaign last season, recording 39 tackles and one interception.

He isn’t the same player he was but it’s enough for a team to give up something to acquire him. The same source argues that the Jaguars would only have to send a fourth-round selection to get him. However, Lattimore landing in Jacksonville would only mean reuniting with former Saints assistant, Ryan Nielsen. This would boost the Jaguars’ chemistry after not playing the best secondary defense last season after cutting veteran Darious Williams.

The Saints reworked Lattimore’s contract in a way that reduces his cap hit for 2024. This should give the Ohio State product flexibility to move on. However, it’s a gamble for any team to get Lattimore considering he’s missed 17 games over the past two seasons. He’s still producing at a high level after only giving up one touchdown and less than 12.0 yards per catch in that span.

Lattimore has been the subject of trade rumors throughout the entire offseason. If he can stay healthy, the Jaguars won’t be the only team interested in his services. However, Jacksonville isn’t the only team that’s in the mix for the veteran for a trade. It’ll be interesting to see what the Saints do next month after the post-June 1 cuts and if they’re willing to say goodbye to Lattimore.

Blockbuster Trade May Come Soon For Former Pro Bowler Marshon Lattimore

Houston Texans Connected To Him As Well

The Texans are the next team to the Jaguars that may become interested in Lattimore. The Ohio State product has been igniting the flames of a trade by liking a post about a potential trade. It wasn’t any general post but one that implies that he would like to team with C.J. Stroud and the Texans. Don’t expect this trade to happen anytime this month, rather teams would be waiting until the first of the month to begin.

This trade would probably make more sense for Lattimore at this point in his career. He isn’t getting any younger and any chance he can get involved in a potential Super Bowl run would be an intrigue for him. The Saints doesn’t sound like a promising place for him to get his ring. No one should be surprised if he requests for his trade this summer.

Houston is already going nuts after trading for Stefon Diggs to help bolster their offense. They could replicate the same decision when it comes to helping their secondary. Lattimore is still one of the best corners in the league so it’s no secret there will be more interested teams. Here are some of the team trade fits that make sense for Lattimore.

Team Trade Fits for Lattimore

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t been able to replace L’Jarius Sneed so Lattimore is easily a cost-effective replacement. He isn’t going to produce the same performance as Sneed but it’s better than nothing. They wouldn’t lose anything in the trade since the market value for the veteran isn’t high. Joshua Williams may be the potential starter but the chances of him being the long-term solution are slim.

Another fit would be the Los Angeles Chargers who were going all in on their offense in this year’s draft. However, they must be able to find a reliable cornerback with firepower. Lattimore could be that answer to help the addition of Kristian Fulton. Asante Samuel Jr. looks promising but it’s always best for Los Angeles to continue adding depth.

The Panthers will probably never get a chance at Lattimore but it’s still a possible destination. The Stephon Gilmore contract talks are going nowhere so this only means a blockbuster trade makes sense. Lattimore is similar and should be able to be a great help to bolster Carolina’s secondary.


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