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Legendary Head Coach Hints at Possible NFL Return

Here is Legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick hints at a possible NFL return next season after failing to land a job this year.
Belichick hints NFL return

Legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick hints at a possible NFL return next season after a failed job hunt this offseason. Belichick was close to a new head coaching vacancy after spending more than a decade with the New England Patriots. The second-winningest head coach in the league had an interview with the Falcons twice followed by a lengthy meeting with Arthur Blank. Belichick was in a strange place in 1996 when Art Modell fired him from the franchise that had been the original Cleveland Browns.

Now, he hasn’t been able to find employment after 24 seasons with the Patriots. Many were blindsided by the Falcons hiring Raheem Morris after rumors of Belichick heading to Atlanta. However, all of the head coaching vacancies were filled so this left Belichick with no chance to return this year. The NFL has already moved on from the firing-and-hiring cycle, first to free agency and now to the draft next week.

After Tom Brady left New England, the head coach hasn’t been able to keep the Patriots successful. Two years of bust seasons could be why the Patriots were moving on since the league is moving into a new era. This new age has the Kansas City Chiefs becoming like the new Patriots with Patrick Mahomes under center. According to sources, the options for Belichick will be limited.

However, he has time on his hands now after six Super Bowls and leading a winning franchise for the last decade. The six-time Super Bowl champion will serve as a co-host alongside Pat McAfee during ESPN’s coverage of next week’s draft. It’s going to give many fans at home a different feel but this probably won’t be the last everyone sees Belichick. According to ESPN, Belichick is eyeing three teams he could be interested in.

Legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick Hints at Possible NFL Return

He Is Eyeing the NFC East

The three teams that Belichick told confidants that he was interested in coaching were the Cowboys, Eagles and the Giants. All of these three teams make sense since they will likely be looking for a new head coach next winter. However, the team that will likely have a wide-open door would be the Cowboys. Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat this upcoming season with America’s team after another failing year.

The Cowboys haven’t figured out in the playoffs so Jerry Jones decided to play out McCarthy’s contract this upcoming year. However, Jones is still receiving criticism from fans for keeping McCarthy for one more year. It feels like a trip to the NFC championship is a must for Dallas this season to ensure McCarthy’s job. Things are not in McCarthy’s favor as well as Dak Prescott who’s yet to receive a new contract.

It seems like McCarthy’s job security next year is a stepping stone for who they may bring back. The Cowboys have yet to extend CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parson’s contract. This goes to show that they may have other plans in the future.

Belichick May Be Dallas Bound

According to sources, many believe that the legendary coach may never return to the NFL unless it’s for the Dallas Cowboys. Belichick would have been the frontrunner if Jones was moving on from McCarthy after the heart-breaking divisional-round loss against the Packers. However, the Cowboys are sticking with their head coach for one more year. The possibility of Belichick heading to Dallas could break the internet next season if this happens.

The thought of the Cowboys tanking this year just to rebuild next offseason could be real. It could look like a very different team in 2025.


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