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Superstar Receiver “No Show” at Voluntary Camp Amid Rumors

Here is Superstar receiver and Dallas Cowboy CeeDee Lamb was a "No Show" on the first day of voluntary camp for the team.
Lamb no show voluntary camp

Superstar receiver and Dallas Cowboy CeeDee Lamb was a no-show at the voluntary camp this week amid the rumors that he could hold out. According to a report, Lamb isn’t expected to attend the start of the team’s voluntary offseason. He is targeted to earn nearly $18 million in 2024 from the fifth-year option in his rookie contract but the bigger story is how absent he will be. However, this is after he proclaims that he’ll be in Dallas despite the holdout rumors.

While he’s looking for a high salary, it doesn’t match up with the production he’s put up over the last few years compared to other wideouts. His cap number is sitting at the 16th-highest in the league well under Tyreek Hill’s $31.3 million cap number, which is the highest among all receivers. The Oklahoma product has made himself one of the best receivers in the game after being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. He notched more than 1,000 receiving yards in the last three years with the team.

Lamb led the league in 135 receptions, finishing second in receiving yards and third in receiving touchdowns last year. He isn’t the only one who is skipping workouts as Micah Parsons is waiting for a new deal. This comes after Dak Prescott still needs a contract extension this season or this may be his last year with the team. Prescott is set to be a free agent next offseason as soon as the market opens up if there’s no deal.

The Cowboys are stuck between decisions they have to make and the players have the leverage this season.

Superstar Receiver CeeDee Lamb “No Show” at Voluntary Camp Amid Rumors

The Team Has a Contract Mess

The Cowboys are in a mess this offseason with picking who will receive the big payday this year. However, time may be running out for the team as the season will come faster than anyone thinks. The team hasn’t done anything in talks or negotiations for any player’s contracts. Dallas is hurting themselves by delaying the process because according to Adam Schefter, Lamb probably won’t show up.

“The Dallas Cowboys may not see CeeDee Lamb again until he gets his contract extension. And again this is something the Cowboys have been prepared for, planned for, they know they have to pay him. But the two sides right now are not close to getting a long-term deal done and while they’re not CeeDee Lamb will stay away,” he said.

If this is what the Cowboys are planning for then what is waiting game for? The team probably knew they were getting to a point where they may have to choose. It may get worse for the Cowboys, who will try to pay all their top three superstars before the year. If Lamb is traded then here are some possible trade destinations.

Potential Trade Destinations for Lamb

The Kansas City Chiefs are one landing spot that Lamb could be interested in if he gets his way. However, the Cowboys wouldn’t like their top receiver to head to the Super Bowl roster. It’s still possible though after the Rashee Rice investigation is ongoing. The Vikings are another destination since Justin Jefferson is another wideout who is skipping the first day of practice.

However, this all comes down to money and most teams don’t have that kind of money. The Texans are a team that does but the Cowboys wouldn’t ship him off there to team alongside C.J. Stroud and Stefon Diggs. If the Cowboys were to trade him, it would have to be in the AFC. The Chargers and Ravens are two other destinations where Lamb may land.


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