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Three NFL Draft Prospects Who Can Change a Franchise

Teams drafting in the top five have an opportunity to land star talent. These three NFL Draft prospects have a chance to change a franchise.
NFL Draft Prospects

Teams at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft have a unique opportunity to land an NFL prospect who can change their franchise.

These NFL Draft Prospects Can Become Franchise-Altering Players

Drake Maye

Many believe Caleb Williams to be the best quarterback prospect to enter the NFL in years. But beyond Williams, there is reason to believe Maye can also be that special of a player. After a strong 2022 season at North Carolina, Maye had struggles in 2023. His supporting cast and coaching staff changed, the former of which had a similar effect on fellow UNC alum Sam Howell in his final year in Chapel Hill.

Maye possesses a better set of tools than Howell, though. His confidence as a thrower was evident when Maye was a redshirt freshman and continued to be the case for him as a redshirt sophomore in 2023. Unlike Howell, Maye proved at UNC that he could throw over the middle of the field. This is a crucial trait for a quarterback at the next level. One of Maye’s greatest strengths is his ability to make tight-window throws. He’s fearless as a thrower, which might concern some coaches. But Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen had the same tendency coming out of college.

This means that Maye’s landing in the right situation becomes incredibly important in his development. Teams like the New York Giants and New England Patriots are the most likely to pick Maye. Both teams are desperate to turn their franchises around, and Maye could be the player to do that.

Marvin Harrison Jr.

Harrison Jr. is the player many presume to be selected directly after Maye in the first round. His skill set, game tape, and pedigree make the Ohio State star one of the best receivers to enter the draft in recent memory. In games against Michigan and Penn State last season, Harrison Jr. was the difference between Ohio State winning and losing. While he’s not the fastest player in the draft, Harrison Jr. can consistently win one-on-one coverage and make contested catches. His tape is filled with clips where he beat double-coverage and made key plays.

For teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers, adding a player with his skill set can instantly elevate their offenses. The Cardinals and Chargers have franchise quarterbacks in place but lack a bonafide star at receiver. Harrison Jr. would become that star player and immediately have a chance to change their franchises.

Malik Nabers

Teams drafting in the top ten have a unique opportunity before them. With players like Harrison Jr., Rome Odunze, and Nabers, there are three legitimate game-changing talents at receiver in the draft. Given the buzz surrounding teams wanting to trade up for a quarterback, Nabers has a chance to fall further than he would in a typical draft. This opens up the opportunity for a team outside of the top five to select Nabers.

For New York Giants fans, it’s not hard to watch Nabers and see shades of Odell Beckham Jr. in how he plays the game. In college, Nabers accounted for tons of big plays. Throughout his career at LSU, the only team to hold him without a catch was Alabama in 2021. That 2021 Alabama secondary was littered with future NFL talent.

Going beyond his production, Nabers is so special because of his explosiveness with the ball in his hands. As well as OBJ, his game resembles Ja’Marr Chase. Players like Nabers don’t come around very often. When they do, they’re selected early in the draft. Teams needing a number-one receiver will be calling to trade up for Nabers if he falls out of the top five. The Giants would be a natural fit, but even the Chicago Bears are a team to watch in the draft. Chicago desperately needs playmakers, and Nabers is one NFL Draft prospect who can help change their franchise.

Main Photo: Adam Cairns – USA Today Sports


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