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Three Quarterbacks With the Most at Stake in the NFL Draft

NFL teams can be shaped by draft decisions. For these three quarterbacks, there's a lot at stake in the NFL Draft.
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For as many general managers as there are who face pressure heading into the upcoming NFL Draft, there are three quarterbacks with a lot riding on the results of the big day.

These Three Quarterbacks Have the Most at Stake in the NFL Draft

Drafting is an inexact science. For every star player that emerges from a class, countless players quickly bottom out. Often, a player needs to move on to his second or third team to reach his true potential. Even with metrics and analytics, a team’s success in the draft is hard to predict and determine how it translates to success on the field.

Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets are clearly in a win-now mode. A quest for a Super Bowl run has taken precedence over the future outlook for the team. Acquiring Rodgers in 2023 was a massive move for the organization, but it came at a price. The team has leveraged its recent draft capital to surround Rodgers with talent.

Although Rodgers is not the one inking the deals, his influence has been felt all across the Jets roster. From Allan Lazard and Mike Williams to Tyron Smith and Haason Reddick, New York has also been aggressive by adding proven veterans via free agency. Reddick, Smith, and Williams are signed through 2024 but are set to be free agents after the season. A highly productive season out of Reddick will also cost the Jets valuable draft capital.

With only two picks in the top 72, New York must nail their 2024 draft. There is still a significant drop-off in talent at the receiver position. Rodgers is considered one of the all-time great quarterbacks, but his legacy has fallen short of expectations. If the Jets cannot execute a successful 2024 draft, that could remain the case for Rodgers.

Daniel Jones

The former first-round pick enters the 2024 NFL Draft with perhaps the most at stake of all the league’s starting quarterbacks. Reports that Drew Lock was coaxed into signing with the Giants with suggestions that the starting role was open for competition were later walked back. But even without the speculation of Lock usurping Jones, the pressure around the former Duke star has been hard to dispute.

Through five seasons as a Giant, Jones has lost more games than he has won and has only finished one season healthy. His contract extension from 2023 appears to be a mistake. But there’s still an opportunity for Jones to redeem himself and revitalize a franchise that has been yearning for high-level quarterback play since Eli Manning’s peak years.

The Giants have followed a similar path as the Jets by taking swings on players in free agency and through trades. By using multiple picks on wide receivers, the team appears committed to salvaging their window with Jones. A strong draft could further boost their chances of returning to the playoffs. The top of the draft could play out many ways, leaving New York with an opportunity to land a blue-chip receiver to bolster the offense. While Jones has no say in what happens in the draft, he must do what he can to save his career in New York. He is one of the quarterbacks with the most at stake in the NFL draft.

Dak Prescott

Despite constant backing from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Prescott’s future with the Cowboys remains murky. The team rewarded him with a contract extension in 2021, but he is set to hit free agency in 2025. Part of Dallas’ success at drafting has come at a price, leaving them with tough decisions in free agency. This upcoming season will put Prescott under even more pressure, and it comes in a year when they had to move on from a handful of premium players.

Thus, the draft becomes that much more crucial for Prescott. If Dallas cannot secure another weapon for him, the outlook on what this offense can be looks bleak. While no one doubts Prescott’s talents, he must play better in the playoffs. It will take adding more firepower through the draft if Prescott and the Cowboys hope to make that next step together.

Main Photo: Chris Pedota – USA Today Sports


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