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Top AFC Team May Trade For $96 Million Star in Blockbuster Deal

Here is how top AFC Team may trade for $96 Million star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk in a blockbuster deal this upcoming 2024 NFL Draft.
Steelers may trade for Aiyuk

Top AFC Team Pittsburgh Steelers may trade for $96 Million star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk this offseason. The San Francisco 49ers and Aiyuk remain at an impasse in contracts, but they may get the best offer from a proposed trade suitor soon. However, don’t expect this trade to happen anytime soon since this year’s draft is fast approaching. According to Bleacher Report, they suggest that the 49ers could send Aiyuk and a fourth-round to the Steelers in exchange for the No. 20 pick and a third-round pick.

This isn’t the first time the Steelers have been linked in a rumor with the Steelers. The team is already racking up on quarterbacks this offseason, signing Wilson and trading for Justin Fields. One or the other needs a reliable top-tier target to throw darts to. However, Wilson is the starter while there will be a quarterback competition between the two.

The Steelers need a receiver after trading one of their reliable targets Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers this offseason. Aiyuk sounds like the better option than the Steelers grabbing a wideout in this year’s draft. He’s a proven weapon and could complement George Pickens who’s been having a season in 2023 after posting the most receiving yards amongst other wideouts. However, 49ers General Manager said there aren’t any plans to trade Aiyuk but his contract could wind up him holding out until he gets an extension.

According to a report, Aiyuk wants to get paid for “what he’s worth” after putting on an illustrious 2023 season alongside Deebo Samuel. He’s due for a fifth-year option of $14.12 million or he could command a $96 million deal for four years on a new team.

Top AFC Team Pittsburgh Steelers May Trade For $96 Million Star Brandon Aiyuk in Blockbuster Deal

Teams Could Improve Their Offers

There has been a lot of buzz on the wide receiver market lately after the Bills traded their top star, Stefon Diggs to the Texans. This forces many teams to increase their offers which could lead to speculation this trade may not happen at all. However, a source says the trade probably doesn’t affect the market value for other teams trying to trade. This could be the case since Aiyuk is looking for a new contract while Diggs was on an existing deal before being shipped.

Aiyuk was one of the 49ers’ top performers this season so it’s hard to imagine the trade will happen. Especially, the team making it to the Super Bowl last season makes it difficult to wonder how the 49ers can handle this situation. There has been speculation that the team could trade Samuel in a proposal. However, this may happen if Aiyuk holds out and if they want him to return on a better deal.

There’s no need to extend Aiyuk yet since the team could utilize the franchise to keep him around for two more years. The only implication is what Aiyuk would do if the 49ers don’t offer a new deal soon.

Other Possible Trade Destinations

Other possible trade destinations could include the Bills, Commanders or the Los Angeles Chargers. However, expect this trade to be explored during this year’s draft. The Bills are in dire need of a receiver after losing Gabe Davis to the Jaguars as well. The only active starting receivers in the likes of Khalil Shakir, Curtis Samuel and Mack Hollins.

However, the Commanders could offer a better and more intriguing for the 49ers. Washington could throw in a wideout like Jahan Dotson and a draft pick for Aiyuk. The Chargers are still in the market for a receiver after losing Mike Williams and Keenan Allen this offseason. They could offer a little draft capital to increase their offer.


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