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Three Possible Landing Spots for Top Remaining Left Tackle

Here are three possible landing spots for top remaining pass-blocker David Bakhtiari as he's rehabbing to prepare for the 2024 season.
Possible landing spots Bakhtiari

Here are three possible landing spots for top remaining left tackle and former Green Bay Packer, David Bakhtiari this offseason. The veteran offensive lineman doesn’t have any options which could speculate that the long-time Packer could retire. The Colorado product was drafted in the fourth round in 2013 and was the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL History in 2020. He notched an All-Pro selection five times and has been the longest-tenured player on the roster before his eventual release.

According to a report, Bakhtiari is still aiming to play this upcoming season with a new team despite the plague of injuries in his career. There hasn’t been any buzz or rumors around his name of a team wanting him but he anticipates that can change. The 31-year-old is rehabbing with the intention to play this year but it probably won’t be a while until he finds a new team. Other teams are turning to the draft and healthier options at this point but there may be still hope.

He was one of the league’s better premiere blindside protectors from 2016 to 2020 with the Green Bay Packers. Things took a turn a wrong turn with a knee injury that kept him out of the remaining 2020 campaign. He was only able to return for one limited contest the following year. At this point, teams are holding off on making deals with low-cost veterans until after the draft concludes.

The release of Bakhtiari helped free $21 million in cap space for the Green Bay Packers, according to OverTheCap. He’s still on pace to make it to the Hall of Fame one day despite the slew of injuries he’s been backtracked. Here are three possible landing spots for David Bakhtiari.

Three Possible Landing Spots for Top Remaining Left Tackle David Bakhtiari

Dallas Cowboys

The most obvious answer for Bakhtiari to work back to his Hall of Fame status would be to join America’s team. However, the only implication the Cowboys would deal with is another Tyron Smith situation. It’s why they released the long-time veteran and he found a new home to restart his career with the New York Jets blocking for Aaron Rodgers. The Cowboys probably won’t have a choice if they don’t select the best tackle in this year’s draft.

The team is considering moving Tyler Smith from guard to left tackle but that would be a downgrade in two positions. The Cowboys’ safest bet would be to sign Bakhtiari on a one-year deal until the team can figure out what to do with the position. TJ Bass is projected to start at left guard so moving around the pieces could take some time to learn.

Adding Bakhtiari could keep Tyler Smith on the inside. What makes this move seem imminent is the connection he has with head coach Mike McCarthy. He knows the system well and it wouldn’t be too long for the veteran to learn it.

Kansas City Chiefs

Adding someone like Bakhtiari would give an immediate boost to the Chiefs since their projected starting left tackle, Wanya Morris won’t be ready. The third-round pick in last year’s draft is not ready after playing only 30% of offensive snaps in his rookie season. It’s hard to imagine starting a player that’s unproven and Bakhtiari is someone that the Super Bowl Champs can afford. The plan B would be moving Jawann Taylor to left tackle but that probably wouldn’t benefit a long-term solution.

Baltimore Ravens

This destination seems a little unlikely since Ronnie Stanley is the starter for the left tackle position in Baltimore. It may be hard to imagine if Bakhtiari is willing to move to right tackle in the stage of his career. However, they probably need a right tackle after trading away Morgan Moses. The projected right tackle for the Ravens is Patrick Mekari and they would heavily benefit from a veteran instead.

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken took over last year with a pass-heavier offense and that would benefit Lamar Jackson. It would give an immediate boost to have a real chance to compete for a Super Bowl ring.


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