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Carolina Panthers End Contract Talks With Two-Time Pro Bowler

Here is Carolina Panthers end contract talks with two-time Pro Bowler and outside linebacker, Brian Burns after negotiations fell through.
Panthers end talks Burns

The Carolina Panthers end contract talks with two-time Pro Bowler, Brian Burns. Carolina has informed him that they will continue any negotiation deals ahead of free agency, according to reports. Burns was drafted 16th overall in 2019 and now will become an unrestricted free agent as his rookie contract will expire when the market opens. However, a franchise tag or a tag-and-trade is still possible, but any long-term deals are out of the discussion.

Burns recorded 50 tackles, eight sacks and a forced fumble last season. Overall, he notched 151 tackles, 59 tackles for a loss and eight forced fumbles across his five-year career. Carolina General Manager Dan Morgan said he was considering tagging Burns when discussing contract talks at the NFL Combine. It would cost the Panthers $22.8 in salary cap if they do it before the deadline.

Burns was reportedly seeking a $30 million contract worth over $30 million last year, but the Panthers only offered a five-year, $27 million a year for five years. A deal never went through so now Burns has the opportunity to explore free agency. However, the Panthers haven’t used a franchise tag since 2021 so it’s unlikely that they’ll use it. Mutual interest still exists between the two parties but time is running out

Entering the market at age 26, he’s set to spark interest from many suitors. It’s no surprise after the career he’s had with the Panthers, earning two Pro Bowl nods in 2021 and 2022. The Carolina Panthers don’t have much cap space with $36.1 million so they’ll lose a good chunk by tagging Burns. It seems like they may just give a contract extension to defensive tackle, Derrick Brown.

Carolina Panthers End Contract Talks With Two-Time Pro Bowler Brian Burns

Could a Franchise Tag Make Sense?

According to The Athletic, a franchise tag will reportedly come for the two-time Pro Bowl outside linebacker. Many sources are saying that this will certainly be the move that they do before they figure out how to pay Burns. The Panthers’ General Manager told reporters that they would take that step if needed. It probably does make sense for now to franchise tag Burns because interested teams are leaning toward him.

It sounds like Burns isn’t going anywhere, for now at least. Carolina will have until July 15 to agree to a new contract they tag him. It might complicate some things for next offseason though. The Panthers would have to worry about paying their defensive tackle, Brown since his contract is up for next season.

Carolina may not have enough salary cap for next season if they potentially extend Burns to a monster contract, so it might look like the Panthers might get stuck either way. However, there are some teams interested if the Panthers can’t come towards a new contract by July in a tag-and-trade scenario.

Top Trade Destinations for Burns

The Arizona Cardinals are one team that could be in search of defensive help. With Zaven Collins, Dennis Gardeck and BJ Ojulari as the top edge players in the draft, the Cardinals are set to address the position in free agency. However, Burns could be some assistance for the Cardinals. Arizona has $56.8 million in cap space so they could afford someone like Burns.

The Los Angeles Chargers will address their needs this offseason with a new outlook under head coach Jim Harbaugh. If Harbaugh has the philosophy of winning the game in the trenches, then they could offer Burns. The Chargers already have some Pro Bowl-level talents on defense like Joey Bosa, but they add more.


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