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Kingsley Suamataia 2024 Draft Profile

Kingsley Suamataia is a 6’6 326 pound Left Tackle prospect with explosive athleticism and raw power but Needs to refine technique.
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Kingsley Suamataia NFL Draft Overview

Position: Offensive Tackle
School: BYU

Height: 6’5

Weight:  326 lbs

Age: 21 years old

Arm: 34 1/4″

Hand: 10 5/8″

40-yard Dash: 5.04 seconds

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Brigham Young University is the home of great Mormon faith and Great NFL draft prospects. The private university is one of the top academic schools in the world, but sneakily, it is an NFL draft hotbed. From Steve Young and Fred Warner to Puca Nuca, BYU May have added another prospect, Kingsley Suamataia. Due to high-end athleticism and strength, Suamataia was a major hyped five-star top recruit. He committed to Oregon, hoping to follow in the footsteps of his cousin Penei Sewell. However, Suamataia got homesick and transferred to BYU. During His two seasons at BYU, Suamataia started every game and showcased his talents. However, did he show it consistently enough to get a first-round grade? Let’s dig into the film!

2024 NFL Draft: Kingsley Suamataia Scouting Report

Suamataia’s Strengths

  • Has the impressive look of an NFL offensive tackle—great height-weight proportioned frame with good arm length and hand size.
  • Has NFL top-end offensive Tackle potential and talent.
  • Outstanding athlete and an easy fluid mover in the run game. Explosive out of his stance to get to his spot in the run game. Good on combo blocks and pulls to seal the second level. Easy fit-in zone scheme.
  • He has a tremendous strike-first-point-of-attack mentality and intensity when attacking the defenders. Great power and strength to displace defenders in the run game. Easy fit in a gap scheme.
  • He has excellent range and the ability to get to his set points in pass protection: good mirroring ability and feet to keep up with pass rushers.
  • Good athlete in the open field on screens, RPO games, and pulls.

Suamataia’s Weakness

  • His bad pad level makes him susceptible to power rushers and getting beat across his face.
  • He lunges when a defender approaches him because he’s too high instead of using his natural athletic ability.
  • Hand placement and hand timing are bad. He often misses the defensive lineman, leaving his chest exposed and easy wins for defenders.
  • He gets over-aggressive in the run game and misses blocks.
  • He is slow processing Stunts and games by the Defensive Lineman and blitzes. Multiple times beaten by the initial defender or stunt gets close to the Quarterback.

Projection: Second Round Pick

NFL Comparison: Austin Jackson

Best Fits: New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, and the Cleveland Browns.

Bottom Line

Kingsley Suamataia is an athletic marvel for the offensive tackle position. He has good size, 10 5/8th size hands, 34 1/4th size arms, with a wingspan of 82 1/8th inches. Suamataia is an explosive athlete and fires out his stands to reach his landmarks in pass protection. His big hands and long arms allow him to latch onto defenders. Also, his quick feet allow him to mirror rushers and reach his landmarks in the run game. My NFL pro comparison was Austin Jackson. The Former Trojan, now Dolphin, was raw coming out of USC due to a lack of technique and rawness. However, Jackson was an explosive athlete with good power and, in time, is now a top tackle in the NFL. Expect the same from Suamataia and a high top 45 draft choice.
Main Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


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