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3 Safeties the Packers Should Target In Free Agency

With multiple players on defense entering free agency, there are different approaches to solving the Packers safety issue.
Packers Safety

Since Green Bay only has three total safeties under contract for the 2024 season, it seems inevitable they add to the room this off-season. With a few intriguing names hitting free agency, the Packers could be players to sign a veteran safety. The draft has long been their preferred method for adding talent, so there’s a good chance Green Bay will explore both avenues to bolster their safety group. It is one of their biggest off-season needs.

Starting in free agency, the Packers could make a splash by pursuing a player like Antoine Winfield Jr. Considered the jewel of the free agency class, Winfield could be out of their price range. That leaves other names to consider for the Packers to pursue once free agency opens.

Solving the Packers Safety Issue

Eddie Jackson

A former foe in the division, Jackson could fit what the Packers do on defense. After surging early in his pro career, Jackson hit a bit of a slump recently. His last full season came in 2020, but Jackson was named an All-Pro in 2018. That season he recorded an interception against Aaron Rodgers and also returned two for touchdowns against the Lions and Vikings. The pedigree has always been there, as Jackson starred at Alabama under Nick Saban. When the Bears inserted him into the lineup as a rookie in 2017, Jackson held his own. His ball skills have been part of his trademark, and how he helped establish himself as one of the better young safeties in the NFL. As a low-cost move that could bring upside to the position, Jackson makes sense as a fit for Green Bay. 

Marcus Maye

Like Jackson, Maye is hitting the open market at age 30. That means if the Packers do sign him, they’ll likely add depth through the draft, as well. But adding Maye would give Green Bay a veteran player with a high football IQ and versatility. Having been part of one of the league’s better safety tandems in New York, Maye made his money after putting together five strong years with the Jets. But his time with New Orleans was mostly marred by injuries. Last season, Maye recorded multiple interceptions, pass deflections, and tackles for losses. Given his recent rash of injuries, it’s likely he could be signed on a cost-friendly deal.  Since he still has juice left in the tank, signing Maye could help solve the Packers safety issue.

Kam Kinchens

After entering 2023 as a hot prospect, Kinchens could slide in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Miami Hurricanes fell short of expectations, and their defense was a liability at times in 2023. As a result, Kinchens stock has fallen. His play, however, was still strong last season. There might be questions about his tendency to be overaggressive, but the production has been there for Kinchens. At Miami, he made numerous highlight-reel plays. Kinchens also played multiple roles in the defense, including lining up at different positions in the secondary. His positional value makes him a strong candidate to fit Green Bay’s defense. Given how much draft capital the Packers have, they should look to target Kinchens with one of their day-two selections.

Main Photo: Dan Powers – USA Today Sports


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