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Chicago Bears Star Quarterback Trade Finalizing Soon

Here is how the Chicago Bears star quarterback, Justin Fields trade is finalizing soon when the scouting combine begins this week.
Fields trade finalizing soon

The Chicago Bears star quarterback, Justin Fields trade could be finalizing this week when the scouting combine begins. According to an NFL insider, there have been plenty of talks about Fields this offseason and it could escalate to a deal this week. The Bears have the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and all signs point to drafting USC’s product, Caleb Williams. Chicago has the leverage this offseason to draft whatever talent they would like. 

If a trade doesn’t happen soon then it could be coming together in the next few weeks before the draft begins. Interestingly, the significance of the NFL scouting combine is to scout new players, but they may facilitate trade discussions on the side. The whole point of a combine is to talk about upcoming talent, but the Bears have other plans. Chicago drafted Fields with the No. 11 overall pick in the 2021 pick as their next franchise quarterback. 

Things were going well until he began his debut completing six of 20 passes for 68 yards. Fields was also sacked nine times for a loss of 67 yards. He finished his rookie year with a 58.9% completion rate, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 12 games. In his second year, he was sacked an NFL-high 55 times in 15 games. 

Fields expressed his frustrations last season stating that he felt robotic and wasn’t playing like himself. His statement pointed to his frustration with the coaching staff at Chicago, but head coach Matt Eberflus met with Fields to discuss his comments. 

Chicago Bears Star Quarterback Justin Fields Trade Finalizing Soon

What Do the Bears Get in Return? 

While the bones of the trade may get done during the Scouting Combine, Fields could bring the Bears at least a second-round pick in a trade. However, there has been speculation that they could receive a first-round pick. Don’t expect the Bears to just release and dangle him when the free-agent market begins next month. A second-round pick may sound like a sweet deal since they traded it away to the Washington Commanders for Montez Sweat

Field’s polarizing results and unconventional skills make his trade value an interesting situation as it all unfolds. While it looks like they may get a second-rounder, they may look for another piece. Chicago may look for a mid-round draft pick or another key player that fits in their established roster. It could be wise for the Bears to demand more to receive draft capital to continue to potentially boost their team. 

It seems like it’s a matter of “when” rather than “if” when discussing the Bears’ potential to trade away Fields. There hasn’t been any indication or signs that he could be back in Chicago uniform. It could come fast since the Bears could avoid the free agency from dangling Fields in releasing him. Teams could be more concerned about signing and releasing players rather than trading when the market opens. 

Fields Wants It To Be Over Soon

Fields has recently made some moves on social media. He unfollowed the Bears on Instagram, forcing many talking heads to believe that he’s on his way out soon. Fields explained his decision to do so was to declutter his timeline before going on vacation. However, it seems like the trade is imminent and it could blow the league up of what may occur.


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