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Cleveland Browns May Release Four-Time Pro Bowler

Here is how the Cleveland Browns may release Four-Time Pro Bowler and Running Back, Nick Chubb after suffering a gruesome injury in 2023.
Browns may release Chubb

The Cleveland Browns may release four-time Pro Bowler and running back, Nick Chubb to the free agent market next month. Many talking heads like Browns fans aren’t sitting well with that potential of Cleveland. Chubb was considered one of the best running backs in the league until he suffered a gruesome injury in 2023. His time may be cut short as he probably won’t be the same player if he returns to Cleveland.

The 28-year-old is entering the final year of his contract in 2024, recovering from a torn MCL and damaged ACL. If he’s still with the Browns, then he could come back at some point during mid-season. The good news is that Cleveland can cut him and save $12 million if they believe his time is done. However, they’re still open to keeping him under a restructured contract deal to keep the team’s salary in check.

Notably, quarterback Deshaun Watson is becoming the scapegoat for why Chubb is being considered as a release candidate. The buzz is coming under for Watson as he signed a huge contract in the 2022 offseason. Watson signed a five-year, $230 million extension with the Browns after acquiring him in a trade from the Houston Texans. Fans are eager for an improved product from the Browns, but they’re not afraid to voice their opinions.

According to multiple outlets, it’s anticipated that the Browns will let Chubb go. After missing most of last season, if he remains, he would carry a cap hit of $16 million next season. It would only cost $4 million if they released him to test the market. They may release him since it may be a gamble to keep him on the team since the injury.

Cleveland Browns May Release Four-Time Pro Bowler Nick Chubb

The Cap Casualty Has the Leverage Over Him

The cap issues that the Browns are facing are working against Chubb in making his return to the team. This isn’t the only thing that’s going against him, but the injury he’s recovering from. Despite the injury, he could still return to the team at some point but that isn’t logical. Cleveland would probably want to grab a new running back with the $16 million in the free-agent market.

Chubb could still become a healthy scratch but the Browns would probably have to wait a little longer. By the time the team waits, they would have to extend his contract either way. Cleveland would already consider letting him test the market with the cap hit next offseason. The Browns also have the leverage if they want to release him, that would save them money.

Chubb rushed for 6,341 yards and 48 touchdowns. His 5.3 career yards-per-carry average is the seventh-best average in NFL history and third highest for a running back. He still could go but it’ll be a while until he’s fully healthy. However, there are potential teams that could take a gamble if he’s released from his contract.

Potential Landing Spots for Chubb

The Dallas Cowboys are one team that could take a gamble after having a history of doing so. Tony Pollard is expected to hit the market and there hasn’t been any sign of bringing him back. Dallas is prioritizing getting Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb new deals so they may bring Chubb on a cheap two-year deal. Another team that could use him is the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chargers are set to let Austin Ekeler test the market after failing to extend him to a new contract. They’re dealing with some cap casualties in trying to give Joey Bosa and Mike Williams. However, if they bring Chubb on a cheap deal to replace Ekeler then that would give Herbert a boost midseason.


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