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Three Running Back Free Agent Suitors for Houston Texans

Here are three running back free agent suitors for the Houston Texans that can complement C.J. Stroud in his second year.
Running back suitors Texans

Here are three running back free-agent suitors for the Houston Texans as the market opens next month. According to an NFL Insider, the Texans could use the market to add a big addition to their offense to help their second-year quarterback, C.J. Stroud. It was a thrill of a season for Houston who had unexpected results. Stroud won Rookie of the Year and snagged a Wild-Card playoff win against the Cleveland Browns in his first postseason.

The Texans’ running back depth is going to be slim as Devin Singletary is set to be a free agent. Singletary ran for 898 yards and Dameon Pierce backed him up with 416 yards. Many top running back candidates will be available, so it looks easy for the Texans to snag an upgrade for the team. Year two isn’t always the easiest for most quarterbacks in the league, but adding a bonafide weapon would relieve some stress off of Stroud.

Most of the starting offensive line is under contract for multiple years, so this gives Stroud enough cushion to continue playing at his peak. However, several key pending Texans free agents will become available when the market opens. These players include Johnathan Greenard, Dalton Schultz, Sheldon Rankins and Blake Cashman. It’s easy to think that Houston can offer them contracts, but that’s not the case.

They can’t keep all four, but they can prioritize a couple to remain with the team. Singletary had a solid year with the Texans but his future remains uncertain. Houston has a lot of options for picking a reliable starting back. Here are the three running back suitors that can move the needle and help the Texans become a complete team.

Three Running Back Free Agent Suitors for Houston Texans

Saquon Barkey

Barkley may be the best running back in the league entering the market. He’s not expected to return to the Giants after contract talks fell through. The Texans may be one move away from becoming a legit AFC powerhouse, so adding Barkley would get people talking. The ground game for Houston was weak, finishing 28th in the league in rushing yards.

Adding Barkley could keep the run game balanced and consistent. Barkley missed three games with a high ankle sprain but he was still productive. He rushed for 962 yards and six touchdowns on 247 carries. However, those numbers could improve depending on what team he ends up with. The Giants went 6-11 last season and missed the playoffs for a second consecutive year.

Luckily for the Texans, they can splurge this offseason. According to Sportac, they have the sixth-most cap space in the league. Houston has a bright future after passing the Wild Card round of the playoffs. If they add Barkley, they could become a consistent team to become a playoff contender for years to come.

Derrick Henry

Texans head coach, DeMeco Ryans took pride in his team’s achievements reflecting this offseason. However, they’re looking to take it to the next level. Ryans transformed a franchise that only had three wins the season prior before propelling them to the divisional round of the playoffs. Adding Henry to their running back corps could upgrade the position and fit nicely with their offense.

He may not be the same back he was a couple of years back, but he still has the capability of overpowering defenders and scoring double-digits. His running style would make it hard for defenses to get through him. This is probably what Houston needs, a big physical back that’s able to use his size and strength to fight for yards.

Austin Ekeler

Ekeler is likely leaving the Los Angeles Chargers after failing to reach an agreement on an extension. Last season, he wasn’t able to produce as much as he did the past two seasons prior. He still could be a phenomenal back in a new team if they give him play. The Texans could give him that chance since they’re slim at the running back depth.


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