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Dallas Cowboys Seek To Offer Contract to Star Quarterback

Here is the Dallas Cowboys seeks to offer a contract to MVP Star Quarterback, Dak Prescott that could make him the highest-paid signal caller
Cowboys seeks contract Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys seeks to offer a contract to star quarterback, Dak Prescott this offseason. Prescott is entering the final year of his four-year, $160 million contract and he carries a $59.5 million cap hit this season. The Cowboys would have to reduce that and the only way to do is to extend him. Since Prescott played at his peak as the MVP candidate all season, his market value has climbed.

His asking price would likely be around $55 million per year, which leaves the front office stuck in a corner. However, according to reports, Prescott is expected to ask for $60 million each year in his new contract. The question is how confident is Dallas willingly able to offer the deal that he wants? The quarterback threw for 4,516 yards, 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions while leading the league’s high-scoring offense.

However, Prescott has a 2-5 record in the playoffs in his career as the starter. The 31-year-old is entering the veteran era of his career, so how long would it take for Dallas to go far if they’re invested? These questions remain unanswered as the front office is figuring out if they want to invest. Prescott’s new contract may be in the neighborhood around a whopping $275 million for the next five years.

He isn’t getting any younger and Jerry Jones plans to go “all in” in the offseason. If they stick to what they say, then they could extend Prescott. The expectation is that Prescott will come back to Dallas, but if he does, he could become the highest-paid signal-caller in the league.

Dallas Cowboys Seeks To Offer Contract to MVP Star Quarterback Dak Prescott

The “All In” Approach Could Shake up the Market

Jones’s approach could shake things up at the market value for a quarterback. Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow may be the highest-paid quarterback in the league after signing a 5-year, $275 million extension last September. This is expected to change after the Cowboys extend Prescott. According to a report, Prescott is expected to reset the market with $60 million a year.

Since then, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts have surpassed the $50 million mark in their contract deals. Prescott is expected to surpass them in what he could earn in his new deal. Despite Prescott’s MVP-level performance being outweighed by playoff failure against Green Bay, both sides are ready to negotiate. However, there’s still a possibility that Dallas may be hesitant to pay Prescott the deal he wants.

Things may go awry and the front office might be convinced that his playoff failures outweigh his future potential. They could use this against him, but Prescott has the leverage to force the team to extend him to free up cap space. Jones still hasn’t made clear what the “all in” approach would be. However, it would make sense for Dallas to not extend Prescott if they’re sticking with their approach.

The Clock Is Ticking To Make History

The Dallas Cowboys are currently over the projected cap entering this offseason. They would need to get an extension done before the market opens up so they have enough space to add players to their roster. However, Dallas has shown a history of not being proactive in playing the most important player on their team. Don’t be surprised if they extend Prescott until the last minute as the front office could be strategizing and thinking.

Dallas still has other priorities on their bucket list to take care of this offseason. They still need to extend CeeDee Lamb and bring back key free agents that are set to hit the market. It’s going to be a tough financial situation for Dallas yet again as the offseason is just getting started.


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