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Ricky Pearsall 2024 NFL Draft Profile, Team Fits

Ricky Pearsall is a quick and crafty receiver wide receiver from Florida who is known for his excellent route-running abilities. He can manipulate defenders with head fakes and hesitation moves at a high level.
Steelers Second Round

Ricky Pearsall NFL Draft Overview

Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6′-0″
Weight: 193 pounds
School: Florida

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2024 NFL Draft: Ricky Pearsall Scouting Report

Ricky Pearsall is a highly adaptable and skilled receiver with the potential to be drafted higher than expected. He has ample experience playing inside and outside, and his exceptional route-running abilities make him a valuable asset. Additionally, his expertise in special teams makes him a well-rounded player. Overall, Ricky Pearsall is shaping up to be a value pick in the draft.

Pearsall’s likely to run fast at the combine, but his speed doesn’t always translate to the turf. He’s quick off the line and has speed you must respect, but he struggles to separate downfield. He gets erased when pressed. A team drafting Pearsall needs to play him in the slot to get him off press and to take advantage of his precise route running.

He separates well with his routes using lightning-quick and flexible feet. His agility, footwork, and fluidity allow him to throttle down quickly, allowing plenty of shoulder/head fakes, double moves, and hesitation moves. He can put DBs in the blender with his sharp cuts and manipulation. He has soft hands and will stick the ball at the catch point. While he can be overpowered in contested catch situations, Pearsall’s hands are reliable.

Pearsall isn’t a physical receiver and is limited by his average frame. He will not win vertically in the NFL at this point. He’s not an alpha type of receiver.


  • Ricky Pearsall has good enough speed for the NFL, with potential for yards after catch. He will run fast at the combine and surprise people with his excellent route running;
  • He has a quick first step and a great burst;
  • Pearsall has elite tracking skills and excellent catch-point concentration, rarely drops the ball, and makes significant adjustments on misthrows. In 2023, Pearsall made one of the best catches ever seen against the Charlotte 49ers;
  • He has excellent footwork and is a precise route runner. He has lightning-fast feet at the top of his stem, which opens up a variety of route options. His footwork also aids his release packages, and he makes sharp cuts in his routes;
  • He is a quick and crafty receiver who can manipulate defensive backs at a high level with fabulous head fakes and hesitation moves;
  • His manipulation skills are exceptional. Pearsall’s releases can be used to teach a class. He will make defenders stumble with his routes;
  • Pearsall’s special teams experience is a path to coaches’ trust.


  • Ricky Pearsall’s build, length, and play strength are average. The receiver struggles with contact at the line of scrimmage, during routes, and when catching the ball. He isn’t likely to break many tackles;
  • The vertical game is not very impressive. The vertical speed is decent, but the separation is hot and cold when pressed;
  • Pearsall will get erased from the play if jabbed by a physical defender;
  • Pearsall is not a twitchy athlete. He does not possess the elite physical traits his peers do;
  • Vs. 2024 Draft Wide Receivers (33): Pro Football Focus Receiving Grade 77.8 (17th), Yards After The Catch Per Reception 5.8 (18th), Yards Per Route Run 2.23 (23rd), Target Dominator Percentage 22.3% (13th), Average Depth Of Target 11.1 (23rd).


NFL Comparison: Keenan Allen

Team Fits With Need At Position: Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs

Projection: Round 3

Bottom Line on Ricky Pearsall

Regarding Pearsall’s stock, his non-elite athleticism and lean frame are the factors that limit him. Although his abilities aren’t a liability, his burst and speed could be much better. The lack of burst sometimes hinders his capacity to bait DBs as a route runner or create space for himself. Additionally, his size isn’t enough to fully compensate for his lack of elite vertical athleticism.

Pearsall’s rotational presence makes him an attractive option as a versatile third receiver in an NFL offense. Pearsall’s abilities were on display at the 2024 Senior Bowl. He was lauded for his body control and manipulation in his routes. Ricky Pearsall possesses diverse route-running abilities, functional mobility, and impressive catch-point skills, which qualify him as a valuable situational player.

Main Photo: Vasha Hunt – USA Today Sports


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