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MarShawn Lloyd 2024 NFL Draft Profile

MarShawn Lloyd is an explosive player with impressive athleticism. He's a great fit for teams with a pass-heavy or shotgun offense, and excels outside the hashes.
MarShawn Lloyd Dynasty

MarShawn Lloyd NFL Draft Overview

Position: Running Back
Height: 5′-9″
Weight: 217 pounds
School: USC

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2024 NFL Draft: MarShawn Lloyd Scouting Report

MarShawn Lloyd is a talented running back from USC with exceptional bursts, quick and controlled lateral movement, and great potential in the passing game. He shows aggression and commitment in his pass protection, demonstrating excellent blocking form when chipping the free blitzer. However, Lloyd needs to work on his decision-making behind the line of scrimmage, as he sometimes struggles to push upfield and leaves yards on the field due to inconsistency with his vision. 

His fumbling issues are also a cause for concern, as he has eight fumbles on 360 career carries. There are questions surrounding his ability to handle a feature-back role, as he was never able to secure one in college. Lastly, although he has a decent build, he lacks dominant power in his gameplay, which makes him vulnerable to being held or driven back by contact. 


  • MarShawn Lloyd can house it at any time. Lloyd is an angle eraser capable of turning a negative into a positive. He tends to bounce to the outside and is quick enough to be successful in doing so;
  • Lloyd has great burst and seamlessly shifts gears, quickly closing open space at the second level;
  • He has quick and controlled lateral movement ability. He’s an athletic and twitchy runner;
  • Lloyd is a capable pass protector, displaying aggression and staying committed to his assignments throughout the play. He exhibits excellent blocking form when tasked with chipping the free blitzer;
  • He doesn’t get targeted much, but he shows off his good hands when he does. NFL teams will see his potential in the passing game;
  • Lloyd’s potential was not fully utilized, and he did not undergo much wear and tear during his college football career;
  • Vs. 2024 Draft Running Backs: Pro Football Focus Run Grade: 87.2 (7th), Yards After Contact Per Attempt: 3.97 (8th), Unofficial SpeedScore: 110.


  • He needs to focus on pushing upfield instead of struggling behind the line of scrimmage and deciding where to attack too often;
  • MarShawn Lloyd’s athletic ability could have been better utilized, as he left many yards on the field due to inconsistency with his vision;
  • Lloyd needs to address his fumbling issue, as ball security has been a concern with eight fumbles on 360 career carries;
  • There are volume questions with Lloyd. He was never really able to lock down a feature-back role in school;
  • Although he has a decent build, he lacks dominant power in his gameplay. This makes him vulnerable to being held or driven back by contact;
  • Vs. 2024 Draft Running Backs: Missed Tackles Forced: 47 (12th), Career Yards Per Attempt: 5.6 (15th), Targets Per Route Run Percentage: 9.4% (23rd).

NFL Comparison: Kenneth Walker III

Teams With Need At Position: Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings

Projection: Round 3

Bottom Line on MarShawn Lloyd

There’s been a lot of buzz around MarShawn Lloyd’s explosive performance on the USC Trojans this season. He’s a player who brings both speed and agility to the field, making him a great option for running and catching the ball. Moreover, he hasn’t accumulated a lot of wear and tear on his legs, making him an attractive prospect for NFL teams.

MarShawn Lloyd will have a significant role in the NFL, even if it’s in a committee position. As an explosive player, he’ll be a valuable asset for any team looking for an option outside the hashes. His impressive performance at the Senior Bowl, where he demonstrated his athleticism and weighed in heavier than expected, has only bolstered his prospects. He’ll continue to rise in the ranks throughout the process and be a great fit for teams with a shotgun-heavy or pass-heavy offense.

Main Photo: Jason Parkhurst – USA Today Sports


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