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Jacob Cowing 2024 NFL Draft Profile

Jacob Cowing is an agile and skilled Wide Receiver, but his small size limits his physical abilities, and he lacks functional playing strength. However, he has potential and could be a good punt returner.
Jacob Cowing NFL Draft

Jacob Cowing NFL Draft Overview

Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 5′-8″
Weight: 165 pounds
School: Arizona

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2024 NFL Draft: Jacob Cowing Scouting Report

Jacob Cowing began his football career at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), where he accumulated an impressive 2,595 receiving yards and scored 13 touchdowns. After an outstanding 1,300-yard season in 2021, Cowing transferred to the University of Arizona, where he spent the last two years and produced over 1,800 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns.

Many of Cowing’s weaknesses are due to his smaller frame, which may limit his physical abilities. Nevertheless, he could still make some technical improvements. He is likely physically close to his maximum potential, even with possible gains in an NFL strength and conditioning program. Despite his physical limitations, Cowing’s slot usage in the NFL would minimize his exposure to press coverage and help him perform better. Cowing’s drops are a significant concern that needs to be addressed.  Cowing’s exceptional athletic ability and route-running skills make him a difficult player to cover. Arizona focused on getting him the ball underneath in open space for easy completions because he is always a threat to score when he has the ball.


  • Jacob Cowing is agile and electric, quickly cutting and accelerating. He is deadly on crossers and exhibits elite lateral agility. He sinks his hips well to stop on a dime and has elite start/stop ability.
  • He expertly manipulates defensive backs, gets open quickly, and is a detailed route runner. He creates separation with his quick movements and varying route tempo. His agility and small stature make him a lethal offensive weapon on specific routes.
  • Cowing is excellent at tracking the ball. He has natural, soft hands and maximizes his frame on off-target throws.
  • Cowing is an experienced and reliable receiver who never gives up on a play. He is excellent at catching off-rhythm passes and has good spatial awareness on the sideline. He understands leverage like a veteran player.
  • He has experience playing on special teams and is likely suited for the role of punt returner at the professional level.
  • Vs. 2024 Draft Wide Receivers (33): Target Dominator Percentage 25.9% (6th).


  • Jacob Cowing has a very limited catch radius due to his small size and poor length. His lack of physicality makes him vulnerable to average corners.
  • He has no functional playing strength. Cowing has a low average depth of target and cannot break tackles.
  • He struggles to stay on routes and make catches. It’s crucial to pair him with a precise quarterback;
  • Cowing has six drops in 2023 and 33 in his career. His drop issues need to be addressed;
  • Vs. 2024 Draft Wide Receivers (33): Pro Football Focus Receiving Grade 77.3 (20th), Yards Per Route Run 1.92 (26th), Average Depth Of Target 6.7 (32nd), Yards After The Catch Per Reception 5.8 (19th).

NFL Comparison: Demario “Pop” Douglas

Team Fits With Need At PositionCarolina PanthersLos Angeles ChargersBuffalo BillsTennessee TitansKansas City Chiefs

Projection: Round 6

Bottom Line on Jacob Cowing

Jacob Cowing is an exceptional slot-only option with remarkable agility, acceleration, and route-running skills. He is a highly elusive player who excels in open space and can easily create separation from defenders. However, his size is a significant drawback that limits his game. This was evident at the Senior Bowl when he was being moved around his routes and catch points. It was clear his size was a limiting factor. Despite possessing good enough speed, his lack of functional playing strength makes him vulnerable against defenders looking to disrupt his routes. 

Nevertheless, Cowing has demonstrated a good understanding of defender manipulation and has proven himself capable of playing at all three levels of the field provided he’s in the proper position. But given his stature, durability, and exceptional agility, Cowing will likely be an ideal candidate for punt returning at the NFL level.

Main Photo: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports


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