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2024 NFL Scouting Report: Taliese Fuaga

Is Taliese Fuaga The Incredible Hulk of Offensive Linemen?
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Taliese Fuaga NFL Draft Overview

The playoffs have shown one common thing as the 2023 NFL SEASON comes to a close. Dominating in the trenches for four quarters wins big games. The NFL is in for a treat, as Taliese Fuaga loves to dominate defenses. The former 3-star recruit out of Mount Tacoma High School committed to Oregon State and became a force. Fuaga appeared in 14 games total in his first two years as a Beaver, used primarily as a role player. In 2022, he became the starting RT, playing all 13 games, and was the consensus second team all Pac 12. In 2023, Fuaga improved his pass protection skills and became a monster in the run game. His play was awarded first team all Pac 12 and Outland trophy semifinalist in a stacked class of candidates. However, what is his ceiling in the NFL? Let’s dig into the film!

Position: Offensive Tackle

Height: 6’6 (Unofficial)

Weight: 334 lbs (Unofficial)

Age: Unkown

School: Oregon State Beavers

Taliese Fuaga Player Evaluation

Fuaga’s Strengths

  • Large Frame with thick Calves, Legs, thighs, and proportional massive build. Built to last, never missed a start.
  • Devastating run blocker. He explodes out of his stance quickly or has an excellent pad level—total domination at point of attack on combo blocks, base blocks, and down blocks. Perfect gap power scheme fit.
  • It is a fluid mover, dancing bear out in space on screens and pulls. Zone, blocks, easily reach the second level, and maintain good leverage.
  • He explodes out his stance to reach the Pass pro set point very fluidly.
  • Heavy Hands and impressive strength stall bull rushes. Also, his hands are swift and precise when striking rushers.
  • He keeps his head up to see what he is hitting.
  • When he has no one to block, he finds work to provide extra protection for teammates.

Fuaga’s Weakness

  • Although improved from 2022, Footwork still needs work.
  • He does not always bring his feet with him when he has to redirect pass rushers.
  • He can find himself in situations where he over-sets and gets too aggressive. It leaves him susceptible to counters and defenders crossing this face.

Projection: Top 20 Pick

NFL Comparison: Taylor Decker

Best Fits: Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, and New York Jets.

Bottom Line

Taliese Fuaga, is one of the most promising offensive line prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. Standing tall with a massive frame and incredible strength, Fuaga is a force to be reckoned with on the field. His impressive fluidity and agility make him a versatile player who can excel in both the run game and in space. Despite being a highly talented prospect, Fuaga still needs work on his footwork in pass protection, but with the help of chips, he can play Tackle too. Comparing him to the highly impactful RG for the Kansas City Chiefs, Trey Smith, I project Fuaga to be a borderline Pro Bowl guard with the potential to play Tackle if needed. With his exceptional skills and immense potential, Fuaga is undoubtedly a star in the making who is sure to make a significant impact in the NFL.

Main Photo: [Darren Yamashita] – USA Today Sports


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